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The Big Life Cleaning: From Health To Relationship

by luxirare
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Every day in life is filled with a cleansing routine. You shower, you brush your teeth two to three times a day, you wash your hands when going to the bathroom and before eating, and you wash your fruits and veg before consumption. Also, most households have a weekly routine to clean their home, ranging from vacuuming to doing the laundry. In short, the human being is a creature that likes to keep its environment clean. Or do we? It seems that everyday life is filled with accumulated dirt that we need to address. Are you ready for a big life cleaning?


Are your healthy habits clogging up your life and putting your body and mind at risk? You’d be surprised to know that despite the medical and life conditions improvements, most people continue to cultivate an unhealthy lifestyle, and they don’t even know it!

When health obsession clutters your life

All over the world, Western civilisations have developed a strong interest in health maintenance, whether it’s about finding the best food supplements for their needs or following the most-suitable fitness regime. Caring about your health and leading a healthy lifestyle are two distinct things. For a start, most people pop a multivitamin shake in the morning to get ready for their day at work or school. You would generally find a combination of vitamins E and C, followed by a calcium supplement and maybe some vitamin D too. We’re far away from the natural food meals, but the main question that experts are asking is: Are you overdoing it? In fact, if you take into consideration the trendy additives such as green teas, the blended multivitamins juices, and the protein shakes, you could be getting up to 500% of your recommended daily allowance. Experts believe that, even though it’s difficult to consume such large quantities that you could put your health at risk, people who are overdoing it are basically wasting money on supplements that the body can’t assimilate.

Start small and ditch the crap

Whether you consider what’s good for your health or your wallet – as supplements are mostly a waste of consumption and money –, the easiest approach, according to clean eater is to clear up your fridge and take the clean path. First of all, though, a word of warning: You can’t switch from unhealthy habits – even the ones you stick to in the belief that they’re healthy such as food supplements – to clean eating overnight. Take a small step at a time. More often than not, the best way to avoid unhealthy food is to write a meal plan, so that it forces you to think of better options and also you can avoid the lazy mid-week takeaway. But the bottom line is that is you want to eat less crap; then you should get rid of it. But don’t throw it away; donate it instead.

Clean living: leading the way responsibly

Admittedly, when it comes to taking care of your health by gradually switching unhealthy habits into a clean living routine, you should see beyond your own body. Clean living is about adopting healthy habits, from what you eat to what you drink. Consequently, as an adult, you also have a responsibility towards the next generation. Children learn by copying. Therefore your clean living efforts are a model to reproduce. In other words, if you’re healthy, they will be too. More importantly, you have a duty to teach them that excess consumption of fatty or sugary food, medium and hard substances or even healthy pills is not a laughing matter. Keep your fridge and your mind clean.


It doesn’t matter as often you vacuum your home. The truth is, homes creates a lot of accumulated waste, dirt and garbage that impact on the environment and on your health too.

A nation of dirty wasters

If you take Australia as an example, the country produces 48 million tons of waste in a year. While the waste is the combination of multiple sources, households – and therefore you, dear reader – share a fair part of the responsibility for the waste creation. Household-related or municipal waste that could often be reused tends to be tossed out after a single use, from electronic devices to plastic containers. Ultimately, substances that are wrongly binned can leak into the soil or the water, contaminate the land or the sea and endanger wildlife.You’ve probably come across pictures of sea creatures struggling to free themselves from the deadly embrace of a plastic bag.

You buy more than we need and it clogs up your budget and your bin

Believe it or not but 56% of household waste is food waste. According to diet-blog.com this habit clogs up your wallet. In fact, with the steady price increase of most essential staples such as bread and rice, you don’t want to spend more than you really need. You’d be surprised to think that it’s food wastage habits that are the core of food prices. The more you buy, the more shops try to manage the demand with high prices, which means that in a week a household waste $16 on unnecessary food. Poor diet choices and planning abilities are the main cause of overbuying. But ultimately, the more you waste, the more needs to be produced, packaged and transported, which leads to spikes in prices and pollution.

What can you do clean your wastes?

Even if you plan your grocery shopping to reduce food waste, on average your household will throw out 330 kilos of paper, 118 kg of plastic, 206 glass bottles and jars, and 552 aluminium cans which are primarily but not only connected to your food purchase. Most items can fit in the council bins, but what happens to large household items that need to be removed too, such as old appliances, backyard junk, etc? These items need to be recycled too, and with the help of a rubbish removal service such as samedayrubbishremoval.com.au you can make sure that you give pollution no chance. Ultimately recycling is not just a matter of saving money, but it’s about reducing the quantity of newly produced materials. If you can transform paper waste into fuel, for instance, it means that you reduce the quantity of waste on the planet. As unfortunately, the Earth doesn’t come with a magic door that makes all human-produced garbage disappear, it’s something that we need to take into our own hands before it’s too late.


Cleaning up your mind and your bursting wardrobe.

Emotional shopping is a dirty habit

You know the feeling: You’re down, and you need to lift up your spirits, and suddenly you find yourself with two new pairs of shoes and a fancy little dress that you will never wear. This is called emotional shopping, and it’s a terrible mistake, for your wallet and your interior decor. Most people who tend to let their emotions do the shopping buy for the life they dream and not the one they live. As a result, you accumulate clothes you don’t wear, and let your fashion therapy clog up your bedroom.

Addressing the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma with a clean wardrobe

It’s time to clean up your wardrobe and ditch the unwanted, unwearable and unworn items that attract negative feelings and dust at the same time. You’ve heard the saying before: I’ve got nothing to wear, despite having too many clothes. That’s because you haven’t sorted out your wardrobe. Start with 6 piles of items: Things you haven’t worn in years, things that don’t fit or are damaged, special occasion, things that don’t match your lifestyle, workwear, and finally weekends. Then keep a clear head and hang the remaining items in your wardrobe, while you get rid of the rest.


Everyone has hundreds of friends on Facebook but how many are real friends and how many clogged up your happiness? Cleaning up your relationships!

Toxic people are never good friends

Not everyone is a good friend. In fact, some people can be toxic and add unnecessary burden and dirt to your everyday life. Those, you don’t want to see again. How do you recognise toxic individuals? There are some red flags to pay attention to according to thelawofattraction.com. Someone who spread negativity through anger, resentment or critics will not be in a position to help you attract positivity. In fact, they’ll turn your world grey. Some people are in constant need of attention and affection and end up phagocytosing your time. You want friends who like you for who you are and not what you bring.

Sticking to a bad relationship against loneliness?

Similarly, not every love relationship is perfect. Sometimes, people make a bad choice. But don’t make the mistake of sticking to an unhappy relationship as a remedy against loneliness. An ill-fitted relationship is an obstacle to your happiness, and unfortunately, the best way to clear it away is to embrace being alone for a while. Learn to appreciate your own company so that you can make a better choice next time!

A clean life takes efforts. You need to be ready to clear up unhealthy habits in your kitchen, in your home, in your wardrobe and your relationship. But you’ll feel free to grow and appreciate a waste-free life!

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