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The Best and Worst Places for Green Living

by luxirare
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With the trend of green living growing each year, lots of people start looking to relocate or visit areas that make green living easy. We want places that recycle, encourage the use of wind and solar energy, and work at reducing toxins in the air. However, not all cities are created equal in this regard, so we curated a list of places that are the best and worst when it comes to green living.

San Diego, California – Two Thumbs Up

If you are looking for homes for sale in San Diego County that match your green lifestyle, you are in luck! California is well-known for being a frontrunner for progressive moves towards a cleaner earth. One of the most attractive things about San Diego is The Green Building Program. It’s designed to protect the environment and encourage homeowners to use environmentally friendly and sound practices. San Diego has seen impressive growth over the years, especially in terms of homes and commercial property. They have a focus on the buildings using a minimum of nonrenewing energy, minimize their contribution to pollution, and improving the health, safety, and comfort of the people and families in the community.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Two Thumbs Up

Amsterdam is talked about for a lot of reasons but their green living status really should be the most important. They have substantially decreased any air pollution issues by becoming the world’s most bicycle-friendly city. They have an amazing bicycle infrastructure that makes bicycling a joy. They literally have more bicycles than people! Not only does it lower the toxins in the air, it also promotes a healthy lifestyle that reinforces healthier and green eating.

Kanpur, India – Two Thumbs Down

Air pollution is one of the biggest concerns because it causes so many breathing issues. Unfortunately, Kanpur has some of the worst air pollution due to the industrialization in the area. Sadly, it’s not just the air pollution that is harming the environment and its citizens. The Ganges River is a famous and holy site for India and it’s also the most polluted waterway in the world. In Kanpur, leading the charge on pollution are leather tanneries dumping their toxic waste into the river and contributing to many illnesses people face when they immerse themselves in the waters for religious reasons.

Cheyenne, Wyoming – One Thumb Down

Cheyenne is a picturesque city that draws the attention of plenty of folks, near and far. But it has a bit of a dirty secret. Wyoming isn’t exactly recycling their goods to the best of their ability. There is a bit of a two-fold problem that they are dealing with.  On the one hand, they don’t require landfills to report how much waste is buried at the sites. Nor are they required to report on recyclables and compost. This makes understanding the broad picture that much more difficult. You can’t reverse the effects of the past and improve the future if you can’t target areas in which you need to improve upon. However, some effort has been made and now Wyoming faces a new challenge. Who will take all the glass bottles? Now that some recycling is taking place with the glass, there are no companies ready to take their waste on. We hope this will be resolved soon!

This year, with our current political situation, environmental issues are the top issue we are all thinking about and discussing frequently. After the U.S. pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, many of us are now hoping individuals and corporations will take it upon themselves to change their impact on our world and create sustainable solutions for the masses. If we get any worse, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will suffer the most!

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