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The Best Vacation Destinations

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The thought of a top luxury vacation destination will certainly conjure images in your head of a grandiose scene, fantastic service, and an empty wallet. But the truth is you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a nice vacation. If you plan wisely, you’ll get the best bang for your buck on your next holiday.

Here are the best cities you can visit for a relaxing vacation:

Canada: Quebec City

If you’re from the United States, taking a trip north of the border is one of the cheapest alternatives to buying a plane ticket to Europe. That’s the case especially for Canada and, more specifically, the city of Quebec. It’s a mix of old Europe and modern American culture. Whether you want to try French cuisine or just want to stroll along the cobblestone streets, there’s always something for you to do and enjoy. Thanks to the strong US dollar, you’re more likely to save money in Canada than going on a trip to Europe.

Peru: Cusco

Don’t think of Cusco, Peru as just some stopover on your way to Machu Picchu. Cusco is a city that’s often taken for granted by many tourists. There are many sights to see and history to take in in this grand and colorful city on the hills. The architecture of the buildings is awesome and the locals are very welcoming. Costs are also lower here as the city is not really a popular destination compared to its neighbours. Even a few hundred dollars can go a long way.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Located to the west of Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is a popular tourist spot that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The city’s name literally means “good air.” After you step off the plane, you can breathe in the fresh air of this wonderful city. Land transportation is incredibly cheap. You’ll get to tour the city in a taxi for less than $10 a day. Dulce de leche is a Buenos Aires specialty that you absolutely have to try. It’s one of the cheapest yet most delicious delicacies that you can find in South America.

Puerto Rico: San Juan

Puerto Rico might seem like a pricey destination. But it doesn’t have to be, when you go at the right time. Fares tend to be much cheaper during the low season. When you get to the city of San Juan during the “dead months,” you’ll notice that the lines are much shorter and you’ll be able to do a lot more activities. The US dollar is also the legal tender in Puerto Rico so, depending where you’re coming from you won’t necessarily have to stress over currency exchanges. There’s an abundance of great restaurants, shopping malls, and places filled with history and they’re all more affordable.

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