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The Best Tables to Buy for Your Games Room

by luxirare
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If you are thinking of making a games room in your house or you already have one and wish to add to it, there are some great gaming tables you can get that fit perfectly in any sized games room and can give you and your family and friends hours of fun. Here are a few of the best gaming tables you should have in your games room.

Pool Tables

The good thing about pool is there are so many ways to play it that there is such a large choice of tables to choose from. Whether you play pool the English way or the American way or you just want a cool pool table, there are tables out there to suit every preference and budget. You can even buy pool tables that double up as a dining table for dual usage! Don’t forget to have the best pool experience you should look at purchasing pool table lighting too, whether you purchase one or make your own.

Shuffleboard Tables

This is an up and coming game and if you haven’t heard of it, it is about time you should! This game involves using a long shuffleboard and disks and can be played as two players or as two teams. The aim of the game is to get your weights to the furthest point on the board which will be marked, without falling off the edge. You can also try and sabotage your opponents by knocking their weights off the board. This is a great game for all the family and the rules are simple meaning the kids can easily pick it up just as the adults. Home Leisure Direct sell shuffleboards from some of the greatest manufacturers to ensure you have the best shuffleboard experience.

Air Hockey

A family favourite at the arcade, now it can be played in the comfort of your own home for hours of fun. Practice and you could show off with your friends next time you head down to your local arcades. Whether you want to get one for the kids or you want a bigger table ideal for as many as four players, there are air hockey tables for every home. Most are extremely durable and can be built once in the room. Don’t worry, it is easier than it looks!

Table Tennis

Another great game and a good way to keep active in the long winter months when playing outside is miserable and cold. Table tennis has many health benefits that you are having too much fun to even realise, including improving general fitness and mental health! You can buy table tennis tables that fold away after use and ones that can be used inside and outside the house for when the summer months do come, if your garden is big enough. Whether you are a beginner or professional at table tennis, this is a sporting table that will never go amiss.

Whatever game you decide to try your hand at, you are guaranteed hours of fun and you do not have to go to an arcade to do so!

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