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Best slots you have never heard of

by luxirare

The online slot industry has undergone a truly shocking trajectory since its inception right at the start of the 2000s, now boasting thousands of titles, as well as many millions of gamblers that are flocking to online casinos in huge numbers to spin the reels of their favourite slots. In fact, it is us gamblers that keep the whole industry alive, and for this developers reward us with an array of wonderful slot games. 

Sounds look a good thing, right? And most of the time it really is. However, there is one gripe that you can have, and that is that there are sometimes simply too many slots to choose from. It means that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of quality slot games that are simply lost to the passage of time. Never fear though, we are on hand to list a few of the best slots you have never heard of. Read ahead to find out. 

The Codfather 

Now, in our eyes The Codfather is one of the most recognisable online slot titles due to its incredibly wacky theme that involves an underwater marine mafioso and his quest to find some new henchman. NetEnt really pushed the boat out thematically speaking, and whilst it did enjoy moderate success on its launch, this 5 reel video slot quickly fell into obscurity. We cannot recommend it enough, however, as you might find the Codfather is a rather generous chap. 


Here is another online slot with a theme that, on paper, seems like it would continue to attract a large number of online gamblers, but in actuality has undergone a loss of interest. Betsoft have proved their innovativeness with a reel grid that uses a 4×5 configuration, something that is rarely seen in the world of online slots. And it pays off too, because not only is Stampede a thoroughly engaging game, we have experienced huge pay outs whilst playing it. 

Bumper Crop 

It isn’t particularly often that the online slot world sees a farm related slot game, but Bumper Group from the burgeoning Playson developer takes this theme and turns it into a really engaging title. The Super Gardener bonus is one of the best we have seen across the entire online slot market, so it is a surprise that Bumper Crop hasn’t quite achieved the rampant popularity of titles such as Fluffy Favourites. It is definitely one of the standouts of the Playson back-catalogue, we would really recommend checking it out. 

Madder Scientist 

Madder Scientist is the sequel to the original Betsoft slot Mad Scientist (nice name, eh?), and was an all round much better slot than its predecessor, which had a few areas that needed vital improvement. There is also a video sequence at the start of this slot, a nice touch from Betsoft that makes the theme that little bit more immersive. Throw in a host of highly lucrative bonus slots and you’ve got a great slot that you probably have never heard of here.

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