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The Very Best Fine Cuisine Restaurants To Try In South Australia

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Here is something that most people do not know about Australia: the fine cuisine scene is simply exquisite. You can enjoy so much fine dining in the country. Even corporate office catering is much better than in most other countries. This automatically becomes visible when looking at all regions but today we will only focus on South Australia, presenting the best fine cuisine restaurants that you absolutely have to consider.

Lenzerheide Restaurant – Adelaide

This restaurant opened in 1989 and ever since the first day it was a flagship in Adelaide fine cuisine dining. Classic European dishes can be experimented while the local cuisine is also properly represented. You will be able to enjoy something special like Cape Grim beef or South Australian king prawns served with oysters.

Lenzerheide offers a mix of old and new-school dining. European traditions are combined with classic Australian cuisine, leading to a contemporary approach that is appreciated by practically everyone. The setting of the restaurant is a romantic one and the location is special, a historic sandstone residence.

Orana – Adelaide

Adelaide has no shortage of fine cuisine dining options for those interested and Orana has to be considered. Chef Jock Zonfrillo is truly a culinary specialist with a wonderful vision. Orana is a small restaurant located on Rundle Street. However, there is nothing small about the dishes offered.

Zonfrillo moved to South Australia in 2000 and eventually opened this great little restaurant you will not find along the classic travel routes. Ingredients will be locally foraged or will come from hand picked suppliers. Out of the unexpected dishes to consider, you should think about green ants, cherries, sea parsley and mulberries peppers. These are all Australian wild grown. Various seasonal courses wait for you to experience but be sure to be adventurous so you can consider those dishes that are truly incredible.

Appellation at The Louise – Marananga

The region is renowned for local food grew and for wine production. This is perfectly represented by the restaurant but taken one step further towards perfection. If you want to experience South Australia country dining, this is the place to go. Menus will constantly change based on what will be available from the local food producers and the kitchen’s garden.

A visit here means you experience the cooking of chef Ryan Edwards through a menu that does refine rusticity. To make matters even better, you will be able to pick out of 500 wines.

Hill of Grace – Adelaide

Hill of Grace appeared when Adelaide Oval changed through a redeveloping project, right in the Audi Stadium Club. While originally the restaurant was only for cricket club members, it eventually opened to the public 5 nights per week. This was definitely great since the doors opened to some of the most famous wines in South Australia together with dishes that are simply great. The chef is Dennis Leslie and the dishes offered are influenced by French training and Asian upbringing. You will love the atmosphere, the staff, the cooking and the wines. Also, many visitors want to enjoy a round of cricket too so you may want to consider it.


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