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Best Birthday Flowers for Her

by luxirare

How do you make the beautiful woman in your life feel extra special on her birthday? Most women love flowers, and yours will be impressed that you got her a beautiful bouquet on her birthday. However, picking the right flowers for her special day is not as easy. The market is flooded with lots of beautiful flowers. Also, depending on the relationship you have with her, you should choose the right flowers to ensure you send the right message to her using the flowers. Here is a list of the best birthday flowers you can get for her birthday to make her feel special: 

1.Red Roses 

Roses are the most popular flowers used in almost every event or ceremony. If the woman celebrating her birthday is your girlfriend or wife, the best roses to give her are the red roses. Red is the color of love, and they signify a deep relationship you both share. 

Also, the red roses are a symbol of your love and care you feel towards her. A specific number of roses convey different romantic messages. For instance, giving her twelve roses is sending her a message that you immensely love her. 

2.Pink Roses 

The pink roses have a soft spot on nearly every woman’s heart. A pink rose is a bouquet she will love for her birthday. Pink roses signify joy, youthfulness, and a symbol of purity. You can use the pink roses to let her know how special she is in your life. She will be delighted to receive a pink roses bouquet on her birthday.


Other flowers you should consider giving her on her birthday are the tulips. Besides, the red roses, tulips are romantic flowers you should give her if you have strong feelings for her. Tulips are vibrant flowers, which you can use to signify the beautiful moments you have shared with her. You can mix tulips of different colors to develop a vibrant bouquet that will make her birthday extra special.


Daisies are beautiful flowers that you should consider a gift for her birthday. Daisies are affordable, and you can give them as a birthday gift to any special woman in your life. It could be your mother, sister, girlfriend, a friend, or a colleague at work. Daisies come in different colors, and you can choose a plain color bouquet or mix different colors. You should also consider her favorite color when selecting the daisy bouquet for her. 

  1. Red Carnations

Carnations have different color hues, which makes them the most purchased flowers. It is easy to find different colors of carnations. They are readily available and affordable. The red carnations help to express the romantic feelings you have towards a person. They will be ideal for her birthday if you have deep romantic feelings for her. You can also mix different carnations to come up with a perfect bouquet as her birthday gift. Also, the carnations are perfect for decorating the venue where the birthday party will take place.

6.Yellow Roses

You can use the yellow roses to express your gratitude to her on her birthday. Yellow roses have vibrant colors, and she will be happy that you remembered to express gratitude towards her on her birthday. Yellow roses are a perfect gift for any female in your life. It could be your girlfriend, wife, mother, or friend. 


A bouquet of sunflowers is an ideal gift that you can give to your loved one on her birthday. The sunflowers are large and lovely. They are perfect for expressing love and gratitude on her birthday. You can mix the sunflowers with other flowers of different colors. There is no limit to whom you can gift the flowers to. You can gift them to your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend, or co-worker as they symbolize a cheerful, happy lady. 


Another best birthday bouquet you can give to your special woman is the lilies. Lilies are beautiful and precious flowers that symbolize positivity and happiness. To brighten her smile on her birthday, surprise her with a bunch of lilies or lily plants. The lilies are affordable and readily available. You can gift her yellow lilies, white, or you can choose to mix different colors for a more vibrant and attractive look. Lilies are perfect flowers for your wife, mother, grandma, a colleague, or your girlfriend. 

  1. Orchids

Orchids are beautiful exotic, elegant, and charming flowers. Sending them to the special woman in your life signifies the special place she holds in your life. They help to express your love in the most stylish way. Sending her fresh purple or white orchids on her birthday will blow her away. Orchids symbolize love, beauty, and strength.

  1. Gerberas

You can brighten your special woman’s birthday with a bouquet of gerberas. These flowers are a representation of innocence, joy, and cheerfulness. The gerberas are suitable for any woman of any age in your life. You can gift them to your mother, wife, grandma, or girlfriend. 

  1. Alstroemeria

These flowers are a wonderful birthday gift for the special woman in your life. You can present her a bouquet of Alstroemeria as a birthday gift or for a décor arrangement at her birthday party. Also, you can mix the Alstroemeria with other types of flowers for a vibrant and lovely bouquet.

  1. Gladiolus

You can use the gladiolus flowers to express your infatuation with the special woman in your life. Giving your wife or girlfriend a bouquet of gladiolus tells her that your relationship is strong, honorable, and full of character. 


Choosing the right gift for the special woman in your life is easy. However, choosing the right flowers for her can be confusing because there are a lot of flowers. It would be best if you expressed your feelings to her with the right bouquet. You must choose the right flowers and colors to prevent sending across the wrong message. Talk to a florist to help in selecting the right flowers and for a perfect arrangement. Remember, do not just send the flowers. Include an extra gift in the bouquet such as chocolate, sweets, a bottle of wine, and a birthday card. 


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