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Before “I Do”… Do This!

by luxirare
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Of course, when you are preparing for your big day, there will be a million things going through your mind, not least the emotional repercussions of marrying your one true love. But, this is always an important thing to bear in mind, because there will be so many different bits of anxieties and stresses that will try to derail your enjoyment of the big day, you can forget the whole reason why you’re getting married in the first place! So, if you are just beginning the journey to wedded bliss, here are some things to consider.

The Practicality Of The Venue

Remember, if you are struggling with picking the right venue, it’s usually because it’s at either end of the price range or it’s not practical enough for what you have planned for the day. Lots of people now go for the option where they have the ceremony and the wedding reception in the same place. This makes it so much easier for yourself, but with all of the staff under one roof, it makes for much easier communication. And that’s not to say you need to pick somewhere that’s just big enough but doesn’t have any style, there are places like Clevedon Hall that lend themselves well to the practicalities of a big wedding day with hundreds of guests. But there are also places that are cosy and smaller. A place like Polhawn Fort, for example, is somewhere that is smaller, and is ideal for a more close-knit wedding, with about 60 guests.

Make Enough Time For Things To Go Wrong

The problem with everyone planning everything to the finest detail is that it leaves little room for error. This is a great idea, in theory. The problem is, there are always going to be things that will go wrong. And if you don’t leave enough time, such as for alterations for your wedding dress, for travel problems, such as weather, or even other acts of God that may make your wedding venue impractical, it means that your time to solve these problems are very limited. The best way around this is to have it in your mind that problems will arise! Granted, nobody likes to operate with a negative mindset, but if you have a contingency plan for the major things that could go wrong, you will having something in your back pocket to make the day go a bit smoother.

Look After Your Hospitality

This is something that most of us don’t think of, but you need to make sure that the people who are running back and forth behind the scenes are working tirelessly to make your perfect day go off without a hitch. This means that you need to make sure they are catered for too. From the caterers themselves, to the bar staff, and the band, they all need feeding! If you work with them in mind, and making sure that they are happy, it will make your day a far happier one.

We all have panics about making our perfect day go off without a hitch, but consider these three things before anything else, and it will make your day a less stressful one!


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