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Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

by luxirare
Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

If you want to become the best version of yourself, you need to show some respect towards yourself. Respect your body and respect the way you are. Be sensitive about what your body needs, to be in the best possible shape, and offer it those things. We are talking about healthy and high-quality food, physical exercises, caresses, rest and a bit of sunlight.

Understand what inspires you. What makes you feel alive? It is much easier to say “no” when you know for sure what is it that you love and what you wish to protect. Having an inner force also means that it should be clear what you can accept and what you can’t.


Push yourself away from childhood (home, hometown, and old friends) and discover the world. The only way to really discover who you are is to end up in places where people do not judge you according to their expectations. Yes, it is indeed much easier to let others take decisions in your place, to direct your life. But it is also dangerous. Also, to walk away from your past does not mean to break forever the relationships you made in time, but to make a few steps in the outside world, to see a different perspective.

Walk away from people who do not understand you. It can be even about a mere conversation that is boring or bothers you. It can be about friendship or romantic relationship in which the other person stopped noticing you, or he drains all your energy, incapacitates you, poisons you or prevents you from evolving. As long as it is worth it, you can make an effort. But once it stops feeding and satisfying you, just gently walk away. There are so many friends, relationships and conversations out there in the world that wait for you.

Enjoy yourself more with each passing year. Age is just a number. But your experiences, wisdom, and perspectives that you acquire each year are priceless. I would never change the memories I have just to have the round bottom I did when I was 20 years old.

Become a sponge. Keep learning, read something every day, get out of your comfort zone, switch off the TV, travel, change your career and house, and look for exciting experiences (or at least new ones)!

Stop trying to impress the others. What are you doing? Are you living your only life for others? It is like living just to get “likes” from the rest. Grow up!

Never criticise yourself, do not talk in despise about your person, do not be self-ironic, and do not turn into a buffoon.

Surround yourself with a mystery aura. There is a real reason why mystery novels are so popular. People are by nature curious, they want to know everything about everybody, and sometimes they even live their frustrations and lives through others. But once the mystery is solved, the story ends as well. Bottom line: do not display your personal life, your underwear, and other nothings on Facebook.

It is a rule to keep your mouth shut. Don’t feel obligated to talk all the time, to fill moments of silence (especially in the company of a man!). If you don’t have something interesting or substantial to say, learn to shut up. An intelligent woman knows when a conversation is necessary and when it is not.

Accept your imperfections. After all, there is no such thing as perfection. The most beautiful, spectacular and memorable women are the ones that refuse to excuse themselves for their silhouette, age, style, attitude, reactions, and personal choices. They bear their person with ease, grace, naturally and with humour.

The company of your person is more valuable than technology. When was the last time you listened to your thoughts? When did you put a book down just to think about it? When did you actually reflect about a decision you made, or about the way you live your every morning or life? Sometimes the “others” – the TV, phone, apartment or office colleagues, and your life partner – are all just background noise. Learn to feel good with your thoughts and experiences, because it is extremely important to do so.

The status of your personal life – yes, the one you chose to display or not on Facebook – should not decide your level of happiness, spiritual contentment or whatever you may call it. If you are happy, you are happy. Period.

Do something different every day.


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