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The base of your wardrobe: Items you should not throw your money on

by luxirare

If a bit earlier I was talking about the elements that form the foundation of any wardrobe and how many of each you should have, in the following lines you have a list of items on which you should not spend too much money. Instead, you should buy them more often, so that they will always be in a great shape. Once again: this doesn’t mean that the items listed below should be of poor quality, but to be chosen in such a way so that they will fit in your budget, without making you feel any remorse later on.

  1. Jeans

Although – in all sincerity – everybody claims to be wearing jeans more than any other clothing item from their wardrobe, you don’t have to get in the debt prison for a pair of jeans. Okay, we all have our favorite pair of jeans that we wear rather often, but we are definitely picky as well and would be much happier if we would have a few pairs at our disposal: a pair for high heel shoes, one for flats, one in a dark color, one in a light color, one colored, straight, skinny, with a boot-cut…  They get dirty fast anyhow, so why suffer from distress because you can’t toss them in the washing machine. You can buy an expensive pair, which is absolutely brilliant and chic, making you look 15 cm taller and 8 kg thinner, but that’s it. The rest…

  1. Trousers

Follow the principle “decorating the table and the table cloth”. In other words, no one will get to see what you are wearing in the lower part of your body when you sit down at the table, at your office, or even when you are having a face-to-face conversation at a party. In this case, spend your money on something that will really attract all the attention, like a fantastic top. If it is indeed gorgeous, everybody will look at it, and not ay your trousers.

  1. Skirts

Following the same principle, skirts are located on the lower half of your outfit and are, in many cases, just a support element for your top. This means that they don’t always have to be expensive pieces. But, with all this and in comparison with the trousers, skirts have the ability to define you and the quality is very visible. Skirts can be sensual when they have a cut at the back, childish when they have a cloche cut or crimpy, or they can be authoritative and sexy, in the case of the pencil skirt. So, pick your skirts with care.

  1. Shirts

If we are talking about simple shirts, whole-colored, for everyday use, their life span is limited in your wardrobe. White is the most commonly met color, which means that they will have to be washed after every wear. Also, it will have to be ironed each time, because it won’t look that good otherwise. Shortly, a shirt gets damaged fairly quickly, during 3 or 4 months. Since white shirts are beautiful when they look flawless, you will have to purchase new ones quite often.

  1. Thin knits

Very thin pullovers are ideal for an outfit with overlaps, so I advise that you have several of these in your wardrobe. Since you are going to use them quite often (over any top or tank top, under some coats and sarafans, or tossed in a bag just in case you get cold during an evening), you don’t have to buy the ones that are of high quality. The knits made out of cotton or thin wool will be just fine.

  1. T-shirts and tank tops

This is the area where you can save the most. There are so many brands (or non-brands), with a large variety of prices. My advice would be to buy as many tank tops as possible, highly colored, and a slightly longer, so you can wear them on top or under something. Thus, when you find the right size and color for you, buy as many as you can and as different as possible. 

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