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Autumn/Winter 2017 Colour Trend: Red to Toe

by luxirare
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Red is a metaphor for ardent desires, for restless and flamboyant personalities, for sensuality and boldness. Translated into the language of clothing (and checked in real life) this winter, red is seldom worn by women that would like to go unnoticed – or noticed just a little. A red blouse that you wear once a year or a minuscule pair of earrings don’t count, sorry – I am talking about wearing a red coat, a piece that is easily noticed or wearing the color with a certain frequency. Red screams “Look at me!”, red requires self-control and energy, red accentuates.

Many women, many shades of red 

I simply adore red and wear it with pleasure each time, although I am careful in dozing it. I don’t save it for winter and I don’t associate it with Christmas outfits only. It is one of those colors that has tens of possible shades, which makes it necessary for you to identify the version that is in harmony with your flesh: ruby red, tomato red, poppy red, raspberry red, brick red, cherry red, carmine red…

I like red because, in spite of its association with celebration and gala outfits, it is a color that can be easily integrated into casual attire. Imagine, for instance, just how well a pair of red flared pants look together with a simple grey pullover with a cleavage at the base of the neck, and a pair of white leather sneakers. And a red sweater looks gorgeous with dark colored denim, a tulip skirt with a multicolored striped pattern or man-like pants, with Prince de Galles checks.
Camel-beige, a color that I once considered to be boring and dull, is the ideal companion for warm shades of red. together with these shades, classic animal print looks almost… noble! Finally, a red autumn coat (or red winter overcoat) can certainly become that sole element that makes an outfit be truly remarkable.

In the tendencies: all red
This season, red is proposed as a total look. Not just under the form of an accent, color spot or accessory, but whole-colored, full-on, head-to-toe, literally from head to your toes. Although the outfits are easier to digest because they are minimal, fluid, and easy to put together. Not just the street style attires come to our help, but also the styling made by the websites of luxury fashion brands.

A first and very important recommendation, considering that it is a strong color, is to compose the outfit by using the same shade of red: dress and overcoat, coat, top and pants, skirt, pullover, hose, and boots… Just like all black attires, temperature and luminosity differences will be easily noticeable.

The second recommendation is choosing clothing pieces that are as simple as possible. Red is already magnetic and ostentatious, so your outfit doesn’t need any more fringes, overlaps, metallic surfaces,flounces and ruffles, studs, embroidery, decorative buttons, insertions of other materials. Easy does it, as it is said…

The third recommendation is connected with your personal stylistic space. If you know yourself as being precautious and the idea of wearing an all red outfit scares you, at least try on a red dress or blouse; pay attention only to the way this makes you feel, leaving self-criticism and fears on the side, and try to imagine yourself wearing such a piece of clothing for an entire day. If you already wear red with ease or in ultra-classic chromatic combinations (with black, white, nude beige, classic animal print, and navy blue), step into the XXI century and combine red with surprising colors this winter.

Red, in color blocking

Daring chromatic alliances are the clue of a certain level of stylistic dexterity. Of course, you can wear red with black, under the form of touches, in accessories and/or footwear! Red looks amazing – in color blocking and prints – together with intense pinks (hot pink, Schiaparelli pink, fuchsia, magenta), with violet (intense cardinal or lavender), backed up by cherry red and orange, accentuated by tobacco brown and dark turquoise.

Below, I made an abstract selection of most wanted red pieces from Lyst, which can turn into a future shopping session. How do you plan to wear red? Head to toes? Or maybe together with prints or in color blocking?

1. Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Red Double Wool Blend Crepe Peacoat
2. Givenchy Women’s Red Heavy Wool Blend Peacoat W/ Knit Collar

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