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Are there truly any skincare products that are better than Botox?

by luxirare
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The advertisers in most beauty magazines state in many occasions that injecting Botox can be dangerous. There’s nothing dangerous about this procedure as long as it is made by respecting the guidelines of using this toxin, and in medical cabinet performed by a dermatologist. The efficiency of botulinum toxin and the minimal risks it involves are well-known for years, and Botox is being used for treating a variety of disorders: headaches, eye tics, excessive sweating, sclerosis, and others.

On the other hand, there are no studies or research that can testify to the fact that there is any other skincare product that can have similar results to Botox. Regardless of the ingredients, they contain and the promises made in advertisers, this is simply not possible. Even Botox applied on the skin can’t do what injected Botox does (which is not much at all).

Made by qualified medical personnel, these Botox injections really make wrinkles disappear from the treated areas, so using a “miraculous” product that pretends to be as effective is actually a waste of money. I noticed that these “anti-wrinkle” products are sold in very small quantities and at ridiculous prices. There is no cosmetic product that can really work against wrinkles, otherwise, plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists would go bankrupt. In spite of the fact that the market is more and more flooded with these “anti-wrinkle” products, Botox injections are enjoying an increasing popularity.

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