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The Anti-Fancy Dress Parade – Making Dressing Up Fashionable

by luxirare
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If this year’s Halloween has taught us anything, it’s that fancy dress is back in a big way. Instagram and Facebook were full of photos of people’s efforts. Gone are the days when a £4.99 outfit from your local supermarket would cut it, and today a big effort is needed to make a statement. But what happens when you hate fancy dress? If you’re one of those who shudders at the ‘fancy dress’ part of a party invitation, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are some sneaky ways you can get away with retaining your glamorous edge and make fancy dress fashionable. Here are some of the best suggestions to help you make it through smiling.

Dress like your favourite celeb

This is one of the easiest fancy dress ideas you can use, particularly if you already base many of your wardrobe choices on your favourite style icon. Pick an iconic look or something from their signature style and roll with it. If you want to take it a step further, why not try a wig to really nail the look? Wigs are becoming increasingly popular amongst fashionistas (thank you Kardashian/Jenner siblings), and are available in some great styles. They can also be handy to help you give a new style a trial run before you head to the salon to take the plunge. Add some sunglasses, and you’re done!

Revisit your favourite decade

Some of this year’s most popular fashion trends have stemmed from decades gone by, from 90s grunge cool to 1930s glamour – the catwalks are all about embracing styles from the past. This gives you a great excuse to dodge the fancy dress requirement by wearing something you’ve bought anyway, under the guise of revisiting your youth. Another great idea is to wear pin up dresses and transform into a glamour puss from the past and sizzle while still looking on-point. Make sure you hold onto your statement pieces, you never know when they might come back into fashion or make a good fancy dress outfit.

Embrace old Hollywood glam

When in doubt, old Hollywood glamour will always save the day. While it may not feel like ‘fancy dress’ in the traditional sense, embracing a bit of old-school Hollywood is a good way to feel like a star for the night while still wearing a costume of sorts. Everyone has that glamorous dress in their wardrobe that doesn’t get seen enough, so here’s your chance to take it out for the night. Put some glamour waves in your hair, accessorise in style and play the sophisticated starlet for the evening.

Getting a bit creative with your fancy dress may seem like you’re bending the rules a little bit, but who cares? If adding a little bit of fun and glamour to the occasion is what you need to feel confident and comfortable then you should do it. Inject some style into your costume choices, and it won’t even feel like you’re dressing up. Who says fancy dress can’t be fashionable after all?

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