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Advice On How To Wear Ruby Rings

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We all know that one piece of jewelry can easily make or break an entire outfit. Ruby rings are gaining popularity because they work so well with different colors and the actual stone is also really varied. If you are interested in getting all the benefits of Ruby stones or you just want to incorporate the stones in your outfit as you love appearance, here is some simple advice to remember.

Select Colors For Outfits

A great way to see what colors can enhance outfits is to use a very simple color wheel. Just look at it and see the colors that work really well together. You can also simply look at nature in order to see how natural colors are combined. The idea is to select your ruby ring based on the outfits you are going to wear. This will help you so much more than people are used to.

Metals And Ruby Colors

Ruby colors vary from dark mauve to rosy pink. Once again, the color wheel helps you to choose colors that would complement the color of the stone. For instance, green would accent a pink ruby, just as these colors complement themselves in nature. Gold or silver accent rubies are preferred. Many just love gold but choosing the metal combination is usually something that is subjective.

Ruby Rings For Social Occasions

You can use rubies in so many different ways when you are looking at social occasions. As example, if you wear a small band with a smaller ruby stone you would be better fit if the event is casual while also looking great with a t-shirt and jeans. Ruby rings can also have larger stones and be combined with statement necklaces or feather earrings with stone color in order to gain quite a unique look.

Accentuating Personal Style

At the end of the day, what is very important is to have a personal style so that you can fully enjoy the clothes that you wear. Are you interested in a look that is more sophisticated? If so you may want to look for larger ruby stone rings that also feature diamond encrusting. Dangling ruby earrings work very well with ruby bracelets. Enhance the outfits you wear with ruby red bags.

During summers, nautical styles are timeless. White and navy striped tops with nautical styled tennis shoes or white capris are going to look wonderful with red rubies. The anchor earrings will be popular as an eye-catcher piece. Consider some with ruby stones.

You want to always think about your personal style in order to make a great choice. You can choose to trust the advice of different professionals but if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, the results are not going to be great. The truth is that ruby rings go great with so many different clothes and outfits. You want to experiment but never sacrifice what makes you different and comfortable. Remember that ruby rings are accessories. They are not the main part of your outfit.


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