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Add a Splash of Luxury With a Sought After Rare Rolex Watch

by luxirare

As soon as you hear the name Rolex mentioned you know you are guaranteed exceptional quality. It has become a name synonymous with glamour and high end fashion. The unique designs and extreme attention to detail enable this watch brand to stand out among its competitors.
Since its launch in 1905 it has steadily become a luxurious brand that the rich and famous yearn to add to their collection. It is even more appealing when there are particular models such as the ones from the Rare and Revered collection that celebrate a particular anniversary. If you can get your hands on one of these remarkable models you are sure to make a bold statement with your fashion choice. The two most sought after Rolex models include the Submariner 16610LV and the Daytona 116520.

To learn more about these exceptional Rolex models, have a look at the below infographic which provides more information on the specs and the production years. You will certainly be turning a few heads if you can obtain one of these luxurious models.

Infographic Design By WatchBox Rolex spec sheet

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