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The Accessorizing Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

by luxirare
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If you want to look stylish and put together most days, whether you’re at work or going out to lunch with friends, you need to make sure you’re accessorizing properly. The only issue is that many people are unsure of how to get it right! The right accessories can literally make or break your outfit. They can take it from drab to fab in a matter of seconds.

Here are some of the accessorizing secrets you’re going to wish you knew sooner!

You Can Mix Metals

Don’t listen to what anybody says when they tell you that you can’t mix metals. You totally can! You can mix silvers with rose gold, gold with oxidised silver, and all of them together if you like. There are no rules. You can have fun with your jewelry and mix whatever you want to create unique accessorizing combinations. Don’t worry about shopping jewelry in the exact same material.

Layering Up Is Always A Good Idea

Layering up your jewelry is always a good idea. It can help you to create a really quirky, polished look. You can layer up necklaces of different lengths, stack on bracelets with one of your favorite  women’s Swiss watches, and pile on as many rings as you like. While you don’t want to look too garish wearing every single piece of jewelry that you own, you do want to create some fun and unique accessorizing combinations that add interest to your look.

Balance Your Jewelry With Your Outfit

Make sure you balance your jewelry with your outfit. For instance, a bandeau style dress would look great with a choker, but not all that great with a long necklace. A short sleeved dress will look great with bangles. Consider where you can fill a few gaps in with your outfit. Of course you don’t want to do this too obviously. Coco Chanel says you should look in the mirror and take off the first thing you see before you leave the house!

Take Your Hairstyle Into Account

If you’re planning on having your hair up, a pair of pretty earrings will look great. If you’re having it down, then your earrings will probably go unnoticed and you should think of other kinds of jewelry. If you’re having one side tucked behind your ear, an ear cuff will look amazing. Make sure you consider your hair style carefully before deciding on jewelry!

Add Lots Of Texture

Adding lots of texture to your outfit will stop it from looking boring, and make you look more professionally put together. You can add texture with your outerwear, bags, hair accessories, and more. Look for different materials, textures, and patterns to get the effect you want.

If you haven’t been using these accessorizing tips so far, you’re missing out. Make sure you start using them ASAP and you’ll see your outfits transform before your very eyes. No more boring outfits for you!

Do you have any tips of your own you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below.

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