Accessorise in Style: How to Finish Off Your Outfit Perfectly with Jewellery

You may have found a perfect outfit for a special occasion but in order to finish this off in style, it’s important that you accessorise properly. Choosing the right jewellery can make or break your outfit, so here are some handy tips as to how you achieve those all-important finishing touches.

Add to Your Outfit

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their jewellery is under- or over-accessorising. One piece of jewellery too far or too short could be the difference between your outfit being a success or a failure. So, consider whether you really need to wear that additional bracelet and whether you should add some earrings, even though you are wearing your hair down. Keep it simple and understated so you don’t detract from your outfit but don’t leave something too bare so it looks underdressed.

Wear Something for the Occasion

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to some gorgeous jewellery from somewhere like F. Hinds. Choose something that will mirror the occasion and will add to the overall impact of your outfit. For example, if you’re attending a corporate ball with work, diamond earrings will complement your ball gown beautifully. They’ll add that glitz and glamour whilst still retaining a professional, chic edge. Equally, if you’re going to a friend’s wedding and you’re wearing a simple dress, why not maximise the impact with a bold statement necklace?

Choose Something Versatile

Because you’re going to be attending a variety of events over the years, it’s important that your jewellery investments are going to be versatile enough so you can use them for different get-togethers. Try to select a piece of jewellery that will complement some of your other outfits and some other jewellery items you have. This gives you the chance to mix-and-match your outfits and accessories without having to buy new items each time you have a different event coming up.

Opting for classic, timeless pieces is a great idea when building up those staple pieces of jewellery. However, just like the clothes you’re going to wear, your jewellery should be a reflection of you and your individual personality. So, dare to bold if you wish and create the ultimate wow-factor with some jaw-dropping jewellery that will grab everyone’s attention!


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  1. If your dress is quite plain then a sparkling pendant would finish off the glamorous look nicely, or if your dress has a bit of detail, I would leave the neck bare and wear a glitzy bracelet to add elegance and glamour. Apart from sparkly accessories, nothing screams glamour more than a feather shrug or bolero. Not only does the added volume around your shoulders accentuate or help create an hour glass figure, the soft feathers give a romantic element to the look.

  2. Great blog, thanks for breaking down the options. I agree that there’s a fine line between under-accessorizing and over-accessorizing jewelry – I think that finding that middle ground is definitely an art.

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