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A Must-Have for 2020: Luxury Wallpapers Made to Your Dimensions

by luxirare

Interior design is really stepping out of its comfort zone for 2020. Forget reams and reams of pastel-clad rooms on Pinterest, be prepared for rich, deep and luxurious colours that exude maturity and style. What better way to celebrate this new colour revolution by adorning your wall with a custom-made luxury wallpaper for the new year? 

Colour Accents to Get Talking About for 2020

Is your home a haven of painted white walls and pastel shades? Are you ready for a change and make life a bit more colourful? You’re going to love 2020’s favourite interior design must-haves. Next year is all about bold textures and colours. So what better way to achieve both bold texture and colour than with a custom-made luxury wallpaper? Start the year off with a bang with a new feature wall. It won’t be long till we’re popping corks and counting down to the new year! 

Blue and Green Should Always Be Seen!

Forget the rule ‘blue and green should never be seen’. Embrace these two, rich colours alongside each other. Choosing deep and decadent tones of blue and green will instantly update the feel of your home. After all, dark colours, such as navy, have already made a great impact in the interior design world this year. Or if you don’t like the idea of dark, forest greens, neon mint will be taking reign in 2020. This light shade of green will add a ‘minty’ fresh look to any room. To add even more light, pair these rich, dark colours with gold accessories to celebrate the contrast of light and dark. 

New Reds to Take Interior Design by Storm

Although pastel pink has had a great impact this millennium, we have yet to embrace pink’s older sisters. Introducing burnt sienna and terracotta, rusty red and burgundy. These pastel pink relations make the home warm and inviting (just like your nana’s house) but with a completely stylish and modern twist (definitely not like your nana’s house). This ‘new reds’ look has developed from our absolute love affair with rose gold. With so many beautiful rose gold décor available, you can find so many metallic room accessories to look fabulous alongside your new red room.

Decadent Feather Print wall murals are a celebration of all of 2020s favourite colour schemes. Perfect for most living spaces, this versatile feather wallpaper would look stunning paired alongside ‘new reds’, deep blue and turquoise green pieces of décor.

So what are you waiting for? Start 2020 off as you mean to go on! Just like the new interior design styles for next year, live boldly and make every day exciting. But, first things first, prepare your home with a custom-made luxury wallpaper to help bring the new year in…

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