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A Guide to Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings

by luxirare

Traditionally, the groom is given something of a back seat when it comes to weddings. The bride’s parents were expected to take on the bulk of the expenses, and the groom’s job, it seemed, was simply to show up and say his lines. Today, marriages are much more equal, with both partners tending to pay for their own ceremonies and receptions, and both parties involved in the planning from beginning to end: everything from the cake and party favors to booking the venue and choosing a honeymoon destination. So why should men’s wedding rings retain the tradition of being plain and simple metal bands?

It’s Not All That Traditional

Men’s clothing and jewelry changes in fashion almost as much as female trends do, and it is a relatively recent happenstance for female fashion to be given the prime position it enjoys currently. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, men paid acute attention to their dress, from having their cravat tied to perfection, to the knife sharp creases in their trousers and the mirror-shine on their boots – which sometimes had high heels to boost the wearer’s height. So when men began to wear wedding bands during a period when ‘men’s fashion’ was something of a nonsense, they followed the contemporary tradition of subtlety, lack of ostentation and plainness.

Indulge Yourself

But as we move into a more tolerant world where men can celebrate vibrant color without being thought odd (or worse), why should wedding rings not follow suit? No reason at all, is the only true answer to this question! You may wonder just how much variety can go into a ring that is meant to be a simple band, heavy with symbolism, but light on embellishment – but you might be surprised at all the choices out there!

Engraved with Meaning

You can opt for a plain band, but have it dressed up with an engraving that is of sentimental meaning to you and your spouse. Your rings should harmonise with each other, if not match exactly, so that the link between them can always been seen, but aside from that, you can have almost anything engraved on your ring, if you so desire.

Test the Metal

Wedding bands are traditionally yellow gold of 14 or 18 carats – this offers a good golden hue while being sturdy enough to stand the test of time – but they can be made from any metal that suits you both. Rhodium (or rhodium-plating) will give you a beautiful silver-white band, as will sterling silver, palladium, platinum, titanium, zirconium (not to be confused with the diamond substitute cubic zirconia) in two shades – charcoal gray and black and finally, tungsten carbide which is also black. On the gold side, there is white gold, which is usually yellow gold alloyed with silver, nickel or palladium to create a very pale gold colour, which is then covered with a rhodium plating. There is also rose gold, which alloys reddish copper with gold for a beautiful deep reddish gold: or, of course, yellow gold itself. So there is a good range of metals for you to choose between, enabling you both to decide on the perfect bands for your union.

Make it Shine

For added sparkle, why not choose to have a small diamond inset into the bands? These look fantastic, understated and subtle, yet sending out sparks of rainbow fire at unexpected moments! Browse the various cuts and sizes of diamonds available at whiteflash.com/loose-diamonds/search to see what is available before having your unique symbols of love created just for you.

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