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A Guide to Furnishing Your Garden

by luxirare
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Designing and furnishing your garden to the same standard as the interior of your home can be a time-consuming process. For many, the problem is that there is just so much choice on the market in terms of garden furniture, that we have difficulty working out what would make a good match and what wouldn’t.

Whilst we can’t assist with your tastes in décor, we can assist by providing a guide to the type of furniture you should be considering when furnishing your garden.

Choosing from a Range of Outdoor Tables

If you’ve ever dreamed of dining under the stars, finding the perfect outdoor table is probably the best place to start. Due to the very nature of being outside, the materials that outdoor furniture is made from are typically far more hardwearing and water resistant than they otherwise would be.

When looking for your perfect garden table, you should consider;

    • The size of the table, both in terms of the number of people it needs to be able to seat as well as whether it will fit in its intended location or not.
    • The materials it is constructed from. Plastic, wicker, timber and metal outdoor furniture are readily available from furniture stores so simply choose what would work best in your garden.
  • Whether you will need to mount a parasol to your chosen table, providing protection from the sun during the warmer months of the year.

With all that in mind, you should now have no trouble browsing through a selection of tables and deciding which is right for you.

Purchasing Suitable Outdoor Chairs

You will of course need a number of chairs to match your new table. Most outdoor furniture sets can be bought as a package, allowing you to easily purchase chairs that are designed to work with the table in question.

In addition, you will likely want to purchase a selection of chairs which are suitable for relaxing and other recreational activities, such as the sort of chairs you would place around a fire pit or use as sun loungers.

To make your life easier, you should;

    • Consider purchasing chairs from the same manufacturer that has produced your table and outdoor dining chairs. Even if the product range is slightly different, the design ethos should be similar which will provide the match in appearance you are looking for.
  • If you prefer variety, you could also consider mixing and matching several different materials and colours.

There are so many different types of outdoor chair on the market that there is literally something for everyone. Outdoor furniture stores often showcase a variety of styles and designs so we would always suggests starting there if you’re struggling for inspiration. You might even find and fall in love with a design that you had never before considered.

Outdoor Sofas

Worthy of a discussion of their own is the outdoor sofa. Designed to provide the utmost in comfort, these sofa settings are perfect for hosting BBQs and large numbers of guests. Most sofa settings available can be customised and rearranged as desired, providing you with the flexibility to really leave your personal stamp on your garden.

Consider Your Requirement for Outdoor Umbrellas

Some homeowners much prefer to install awnings and retractable sun roofs but many still prefer a simple parasol or umbrella, especially if your furniture will be arranged some way from the perimeter of your property.

Outdoor umbrellas are available in a range of ornate styles and designs, one of which is sure to catch your eye and complement the rest of your new garden furniture. For those looking to go one step further, you could even opt for an automatic umbrella which can be operated via remote control, the ultimate in simplicity when furnishing your garden.

Finish Off with a Range of Outdoor Accessories

Once the furniture is out of the way, you are free to accessorise with a selection of ornaments and accessories of your choosing. This can include anything from bespoke garden lighting, allowing you to use your garden at night to other ornamental features such as sculptures.

Furnishing your garden should be an experience you enjoy, and with the tips we’ve provided, we’re sure it will be. Make sure you take your time, view as much furniture as possible, and you’re sure to achieve the garden of your dreams.

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