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A Guide To A Luxury Weekend In Athens, Greece

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Athens, Greece

If we are to make a list with some of the most beautiful European capital cities that are worth visiting, Athens would definitely make it on this list. The largest city in Greece, Athens still bears the marks of a long and rich history, while offering all the luxury and comfort of a modern city. There are so many things that can be seen and enjoyed in Athens, but, if you really want to have an unforgettable experience, opting for private tours in Athens is the best way to go.

Private tours allow you to get all the attention and information you request from the guide. Not to mention that you will enjoy the peace and privacy offered by such a tour, in comparison with regular tours. The best private tours are, however, those offered by locals, as they can show you things that are not usually accessible to tourists.

So, in case you are bored of the old traditional tours and would really submerge in Athens’ atmosphere, feeling like one of the locals for at least a few days, a private tour will get you there. Still, why should you enjoy a tour around Athens in the first place? There are more than enough reasons to do so.

  • You will experience mythology in a direct manner

Greece is the cradle of the world’s most famous mythological legends. It is well known that ancient Greece used to be one of the most developed, powerful, and influential civilizations of those days. Together with the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece shaped the world as we know it today. A tour around Athens will allow you to get up close and personal with all the mythology you read or heard about.

In this city, you will be able to see temples and statues of the most popular Greek gods, having a clearer picture of how people lived back in those days. If you think mythology is fascinating in books, just wait until you actually get to experience it for real in Athens.

  • Explore the unseen part of Athens

Probably every travel agency in this world offers tours around Athens. But, the itinerary is the same in most of the cases. Of course, there are several landmarks that are worth seeing in Athens, but for a unique experience, you should also experience the part of the city that is usually accessible to locals only.

The best part of opting for a private tour is that you will get to see this side of Athens and most certainly you won’t regret it. What does this mean? It means you will walk around colorful and narrow streets, having the possibility to take a closer glance at how life unrolls in the city. You will also get to see where locals enjoy to hang out with family and friends, discover chic boutiques and artsy locations.


  • You’ll get to taste local food and recipes

For a complete experience in a city like Athens, you must taste the local food, as it is made in Greece only. With the help of a private tour, you will discover the best restaurants in Athens, which serve authentic Mediterranean dishes.

Greek cuisine is simply mesmerising, especially if you are into seafood and eating healthy. Starting with getting fresh local produces from the market and enjoying exquisite dishes at the best eateries in Athens, a private tour will open the door toward the best flavors of Greece. It is worth mentioning that the tour can be adjusted according to your culinary preferences and requirements.

  • Would you believe that visiting the beach and wine tasting go hand in hand?

Greece has two main attractions, its beaches, and its tasty wines. Athens has them both and you will get to experience them if you choose a private tour in Athens. If you are a wine enthusiast or simply would like to taste the best wines that are made in Athens and its surroundings, such a tour will suit your needs.

The cherry on top will be a trip to the beach, where you will be able to relax and unwind while enjoying the sea breeze and sand between your toes. It is worth knowing that Greece enjoys gorgeous weather most of the year, so it is worth visiting the beach even if your trip is during the spring or autumn.

Athens, Greece

  • The perfect entwining between the past and the present

Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe, so the past and present merge perfectly here. The city still has many ancient buildings and ruins of the former empire, while it managed to develop into a stunning modern city during the centuries. If you want to start your day visiting old temples and end it shopping in a high-end shopping center, you can do this in Athens.

You can discover modern art manifestations on one street, typical to nowadays urban areas, and ancient ruins on another street. Plus getting off the main streets and entering the old neighbourhoods of Athens will unravel bohemian streets in front of your eyes, and you will truly get to experience the authentic, laid-back lifestyle of Athenians.

  • Nighttime in Athens can be as fascinating as daytime

You will never get bored in Athens, whether it is daytime or nighttime. This city is a vibrant cultural and artistic center, where young people enjoy socialising and spending their time with their friends. Greeks are highly social people and love ending their day surrounded by friends and family, grabbing a bite, a glass of something, and chatting. Discover the best places for a drink and a traditional appetiser, listen to live performance, and, why not, even get engaged in dancing with the locals.

Athens can definitely be one of the best weekend getaways in Europe. The city is filled with gems, both ancient and modern, and will help you enjoy an unforgettable vacation, as you slowly manage to discover it. 

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