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8 Holiday Hacks You Need To Slash The Cash You Spend

by luxirare
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Going away for a break is one of the highlights of the year for many people. It’s something to look forward to and lean away from the monotony of the workplace. It’s also often the time families get to spend some quality time together at last through the year. The busiest time for holiday bookings tends to happen in the colder months of the year, when people are daydreaming about sunnier climes and wishing that they were feeling the sand beneath their toes instead of their Uggs. The biggest problem when it comes to going on a break, is the cost.

When you’re picking a break, it’s normal to have a big wobble about when to go. You want the sunshine and the heat, but summer is the busiest time for holiday companies and if you want to avoid the school kids, then you need to avoid the long break. The other times of the year, though, may not be as hot as you want it to be. You also have to consider the fact that a summer holiday is going to cost more money than the rest of the year, because they’re just that popular! Sun, sea, sand and sangria are often far more exciting when you know you’ve got your holiday at a bargain price. Whether you get your break at a cut down price from a high street travel agent, or you save money when you shop for your holiday online with NetVoucherCodes.co.uk, you need to find a way to make your holiday as cheap as possible. Toasting the fact that you’ve made a huge saving is a satisfying feeling, but the only way you’re going to ensure that you can make that toast is if you manage to slash that cash you spend right down. Below, we’ve got eight holiday hacks for your break this year:

  1. Use the websites that compare the prices of flights to the destinations of your choice. There’s no need to go one by one when they’re all in the one place.
  2. Always check your hotel costs against each other on websites like this one to see whether you can bring the cost right down. Booking a package is easy, sure, but there’s often a need for a cheaper alternative. Booking in separate pieces often allows for this!
  3. Use the ‘secret hotel’ gamble when it comes to booking. This link can help you to learn how to get a hotel at a dirt-cheap price when usually it would be through the roof.
  4. The faster you book car hire, the cheaper you can get it. You can often find bookings really cheap when you book at the very last minute, but there’s just as much value when booking ahead as there is when waiting.
  5. Did you know that you can haggle your booking? Find the package holiday that you want, then shop around and make some calls. Find out whether you can pull the same deal for cheaper for a lot less simply by ringing other holiday companies and comparing the cost. You can find that you get the same package break for less, saving you money instantly.
  6. If you decide to travel in a large group, check out the cost of a villa over the cost of a hotel. You can often find that you can get a much cheaper deal when you go for a private villa instead. You also get the added bit of luxury with a pool and parking!
  7. Check out the options with your credit card and see whether you are able to get any deals by using points for travel with it. You can get excellent exchange rates when you use a credit card and you can also earn flight points with one if yours allows for it!
  8. When the time comes to go on your holiday, parking could be a nightmare for fees. Check out the parking spots that are rented out privately near the airport so that you save money on airport parking fees.

Your holiday doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. It takes some shopping around, a few phone calls and a little haggling to ensure that you have the break that you’ve always dreamed of having. You then have the chance to add more spending money to your break instead of spending it on the hotel or flights. Making savings now will mean extra breaks through the year if you want them; why are you hanging around here? Go! Book!


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