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7 staple accessories for women over 50

by luxirare

We’ve all been there: Standing in front of the overflowing closet and thinking, I have nothing to wear. While there’s no shortage of complaints about getting older, there are lots of reasons to embrace the age. For one thing, after a certain point, you no longer feel obligated to jump on every trend. You know what works for you, and what doesn’t. For another thing, fashion is cyclical, so there’s a good chance the latest style looks like something you wore the first time it came out (neon anyone?). Rather than buy more clothes, know that you can make any outfit fresh and original with the right accessories. Little black dresses look more or less the same, but a stunning strand of black pearls or hand-painted scarf will be what onlookers remember. Following are seven staple accessories no woman over 50 should be without:

Classic pearls

Pearls are a classic, but that doesn’t mean modern women don’t wear them. They are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own. Whether you prefer saltwater or elegant and chic freshwater pearls, you can never go wrong with the June birthstone. Understated and elegant, pearls are ideal for the office. They also work great with casual clothes, and lend a hint of glamour to anything, even a leather jacket. And of course pearls have always been the go-to for formal events. Pearls make everyone’s skin glow, and the plainer the dress, the more the pearls’ — and your — beauty will show through.

Bracelet watch

Yes, your phone does the job but that’s no reason to give up on a classic timepiece. An elegant bracelet watch is as practical as it is beautiful. It goes with everything from denim to eveningwear, and it adds grace and length to your arms as well.

Diamond studs

So the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No matter what age, every woman should have a pair of diamond studs in her jewelry collection, and women over 50 are often in a place to afford to treat themselves to the real thing.

Statement jewelry

It works for fashion maven Anna Wintour, and it’ll work for you. Nothing transforms an outfit faster than a stylish necklace. Vintage or ultra-modern, you know what suits you best. The right piece pairs equally well with cocktail dresses and t-shirts.

Like the statement necklace, statement earrings are an absolute must for every woman. A good pair transitions from day to evening, and instantly add panache to the most casual ensemble. We’re not telling you what they should look like because this isn’t your first rodeo. Go with what looks stylish and flattering on you.

Oversize sunglasses

Another Anna Wintour staple, every mature woman needs a pair of sunglasses. Once again practicality meets fashion, and sunglasses protect our eyes from damaging UV rays while adding mystique to our image. Invest in scratch-resistant, polarized lenses, especially if yours are also corrective.

The right scarf

Even the most basic ensemble gets an instant overhaul with the addition of a bright scarf. Leave it flowing or tie it in a stylish Euro knot, a colorful printed silk scarf makes a bold statement. It’s also a nice change from jewelry if that’s your usual go-to. 

Puffy jackets may be okay for a certain set, but mature women prefer a more elegant style and that is why you can never go wrong with a chic blanket scarf. It keeps you warm while showing off your personal flair.

Classic tote

If you don’t ask how many handbags we have, we won’t ask you either. Purse, clutch, over-the-shoulder, wristlet, and never mind the briefcases and backpacks…the variety of handbags is endless, but one style that goes with everything is a black tote bag. Roomy enough for essentials but not so big you’ll wind up with a pain in your neck from hefting too much stuff, this one’s a classic.

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