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7 Magnificent Travel Destinations for Art and Architecture

by luxirare
Art and Architecture

Vacationing isn’t only about chilling with your mates and tanning by the beach. Every once in a while, it’s about talking to the locals, eating strange food and soaking up the beautiful culture. Check these places out to plan an inspiring trip filled with art and architecture, culture and magnificence.


Paris, France

It is against law to start this list with anything other than Paris, the city romance. Paris houses the Louvre Museum, displaying the works of legendary artists like Dali, Monet and Da Vinci. The Louvre itself is an excellent piece of architecture, designed to be way ahead of its time. Parisians are passionate about creating and preserving beauty in all aspects; fashion, art and architecture, music, poetry – they do it all!


Athens, Greece

Calling all history nerds! I joke, but in all honesty; for people who are fascinated by ancient cultures and artifacts, Athens is where the party is at. Greeks are a religious bunch of people who love to pamper their Gods. Ancient Greeks built grand temples and statues for and of their Gods for centuries. These statues have impeccable detailing to them and many of these ancient artworks tell stories and depict important historical events in Greece. Many monuments (Parthenon, Temple of Zeus etc.) in Athens, Greece have been standing strong through centuries of brutal war and weathering. So if you like columnar buildings and scarily detailed sculptures, you know where to go.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is home to the wackiest and most ingenious works. Places like the Hara Museum of Contemporary Arts will leave your jaws hanging and monumental temples like the Meiji Shrine are sure to take your breath away. If you like modern madcap architecture; go to Tokyo. If you like sculptures, ancient buildings and temples; go to Tokyo. If you like the bustling city life, neon lights, lavish towers and contemporary art; go to Tokyo.

Basically, go to Tokyo.

Another day on the East River. This is a great vantage point to watch the sunrise. It's a small park at Sutton Square about one block south of the bridge. You can sense a bit of Queens in the far distance, but really everything you see is Roosevelt Island. I didn't see a boat pass in the 30 minutes I was here, just one man and his dog came to the park, looked out over the water, then jogged away. I typically listen to music when I am out alone in the city, and I know, everyone has their select go-to soundtracks. For me on mornings like this, I prefer Vangelis - The City. It was released in 1991, and I was introduced to it in college, and it is one of those things that I return to over and over. Visit: www.clt-photography.com

New York City, USA

NYC, the land of beer and bacon. While those things sound good, I really like the graffiti, galleries and museums in this city. It is considered to be one of the top cities for contemporary art and architecture and Art Deco.  Museums like The Met, The Museum of Modern Art and Whitney Museum of American Art demand that you go museum hopping. It’s considered a sin not to.

Other than the museums and galleries, there are obviously the famous landmarks; starting with the Empire State Building and the newly built World Trade Centre. I’m hoping you already have the Statue of Liberty on your list, because that’s a given!


Florence, Italy

The city of Florence can be considered a gigantic gallery itself, taking into consideration that each and every corner of this city is a piece of magnificent artwork. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a monument, palace or religious tribute of great beauty.

Florence homes numerous Romanesque and Gothic inspired buildings, built over many years in the early Renaissance period. Many painters in this period had their careers kicked off in Florence, thanks to the art and architecture enthusiasts of that time, providing the livelihood of many artists. Florence is a must-visit for the connoisseurs of art and architecture.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

If you are looking for a typical travel experience, you definitely want to book a ticket to Amsterdam. You should head to the Van Gogh museum the minute you touch Dutch soil, for obvious reasons. The museum holds hundreds of sketches by the legend and numerous letters from his brother, Theo. Other than classic artwork, Amsterdam displays some of the best psychedelic art at the “Electric Ladyland”.

Berlin City Nights

Berlin, Germany

Now, Berlin is a paradise for museum lovers. Your first stop should be Museumsinsel (Museum Island) – a unique ensemble of five museums. These museums display German and French impressionist paintings and antiquities from Rome and Greece.

Berlin is haunted by many historical landmarks with powerful stories from the Second World War; like the Jewish Museum and Memorial and Reichstag. Don’t forget the eccentric House of World Cultures, dedicated to international contemporary art. The distinctive shape of the roof of this building earned it the name “Pregnant Oyster”.

These were just off the bat. Poke around online a bit and I’m sure you’ll find many more destinations for your adventures. Go through travel blog and reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or HolidayMe and get reliable information from expert travellers. Happy travels!

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