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6 things to treat yourself to this Valentine’s day

by luxirare

Valentine’s day is the day of love, right? Typically, we associate it with soppy couples declaring their undying love for one another – but that’s not the only kind of love we should be celebrating. We should be celebrating self-love, too. Whether you’re happily married or happily single, why not use Valentine’s day this year to treat yourself? After all, your own happiness is the most important thing. And if that comes in the shape of a deluxe spa treatment or that designer candle, well, there’s no harm in that.

Here are the six best Valentine’s day gifts to buy for yourself this year. 

  • A new handbag

Because who can have too many bags? A luxury designer handbag is always worth investing in, as they are typically made using premium materials and high-quality craftsmanship. So not only will you look and feel great wearing it – you know it will last for years to come. 

  • A massage

Are you guilty of not prioritising ‘me’ time? You’re not the only one. Busy daily lives and hectic schedules can often mean we find little opportunity to relax and unwind – but this is essential for our wellbeing. This V-day, treat yourself to a massage at a local spa to embrace some time for yourself. 

  • Luxury home fragrance

Make sure your house smells dreamy by indulging in your favourite home fragrances. Whether that’s a luxury Jo Malone candle, a room spray or diffuser is up to you. Or, for lovers of essential oils, opt for an electronic diffuser that will waft delightful scents throughout your space. 

  • Premium make-up

If you’ve had your eye on some premium make up for a while now, there’s no better time than Valentine’s to treat yourself to it. Whether it’s a luxurious lippy, out-of-the-ordinary eye shadow palette or THAT brow product that will transform your brow-game, you deserve it.

  • An extra-ordinary hair cut

Do you stick to the same haircut and colour every time you step foot in the hairdressers? Or have you stuck with the same stylist for years because of their reasonable prices? Before your next evening out, indulge in a little me-time at a luxury hair salon. You could try out a brand-new hair style, transform your look with a new shade or simply enjoy a beautiful blow-dry that makes you look and feel great. 

  • Expensive gym gear

Let’s be honest – we all lust after top of the range, super-stretchy leggings and faultlessly flattering sports bras from luxury gym brands. So why not treat yourself to a pair that you wouldn’t normally splash out on? After all, it’s worth investing in good quality activewear as it’s more likely to last longer and will usually perform better, too.

Hopefully, this has given you a little inspiration for turning V-day into “me day” this year. 

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