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6 Things That Now Come Standard in Many Modern Luxury Homes

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Not long ago we highlighted 10 of the most popular features found in modern luxury homes. Today, we’re expanding on that list with seven features that are now considered absolute must-haves in luxury real estate. For most home buyers, these features would be expensive items on a wish list. For luxury buyers, they’re standard features that are expected.

Immaculate Landscaping

You’ll know a luxury home long before you step inside because high-end homebuilders know how to create curb appeal. They understand it doesn’t matter what a home looks like on the inside if the outside leaves a lot to be desired.

For that reason, luxury properties invest heavily in the landscaping. Emphasis is put on the driveway and entry to create a grand feeling as guests walk up to the door. Landscaping designers create custom lawns and greenery that’s meticulously maintained throughout the seasons to compliment the outstanding architecture of the home.

Outdoor Kitchen/Living Space

Work your way from the front yard to the back yard and you’ll find the jaw-dropping exterior features continue. For many, luxury outdoor kitchens are the crown jewel of exterior living spaces. Custom kitchens are created from the ground up, literally. They often include everything you’ll find in the kitchen inside, complete will wine coolers, food warmers and plumbed sinks.

An over-the-top infinity pool with waterfalls and built in spa is usually just a few steps away from the outdoor kitchen. When you’re done swimming you can lounge in a cabana or covered patio and watch television while you dry off.

Smart Home Technology and Security

Once you finally make it inside one of the most intelligent features may not be detectable right away. Smart home technology has proven to be the wave of the future, and luxury homes are among the first to be outfitted with the latest gadgets and equipment.

Modern luxury homes are being built with smart home technology in mind to take full advantage of Wi-Fi connected with lights, thermostats, appliances and an endless stream of devices that make life more comfortable and convenient. “Smart” homes have become so popular the majority of all buyers are willing to pay more for the convenience.

In any luxury home, you can expect to find top-notch security and surveillance equipment. Today, that means equipping the home with smart technology that gives the homeowner more control and protection. From the gated entry to a safe in the master closet, luxury homeowners can now rest assured their worldly possession and family members are secure.

Walk-in Closets With More

Closet space is something you can never have too much of in any home, and in a luxury home, no closet is too large. It’s not uncommon to see walk-in closets that are the size of a small bedroom or bigger. But don’t expect to find regular racks for designer clothing. Like many other features, closets in luxury homes are custom-made with shelving, drawers, mobile compartments, dressers and much more.

Oversized Showroom Garages

In small areas of the country finding a home with a single garage can pose a challenge. That isn’t a problem for modern luxury homes. They don’t just have garages for storing a vehicle. The garages in modern luxury homes are essentially showrooms for the owner’s expensive toys.

In modern luxury homes, it’s not uncommon to see 3+ car garages that are basically an extension of the inside. They’re completely climate-controlled, the finish out is first class and there’s plenty of space to put a car that costs as much as a regular home on display like a work of art.

Wine Rooms

Collecting fine wine is a popular pastime for the wealthy. But once you start a collection of rare vintages you have to have a place to store the bottles. That’s not a problem in many modern luxury homes. Wine rooms are the newest type of entertainment space that’s taking the luxury real estate market by storm.

In the past, wine rooms weren’t much more than a closet tucked away in the basement of butler’s pantry. Today, they are full-size rooms that are designed to give guests a place to relax and showcase the wines selection.

These are just some of the features that are quickly becoming the norm in luxury real estate. For most of us they’re opulent extras, but for people looking to buy high-end homes, they’re necessities for living in the lap of luxury.

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