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6 Style Tips for Lighting Design

by luxirare

Before you upgrade your lighting, there are several important things to consider. There’s almost too much choice available, so it’s essential you pick the right lighting style for you. Lighting isn’t only a basic function, you make it a stylish focal feature. Here are some tips on how to choose the best lighting for your home. 

Maximize Daylight

First things first, you want to make the most out of natural light. Carefully plan your new lighting to work in harmony with sunlight. This is a more sustainable approach and natural lighting is better for your overall wellbeing. An easy and economical way to let the daylight in and sleep peacefully in the dark at night is with Roller blinds. These are quick and simple to install and make a practical yet stylish addition to any room.

Create Layers

Create layers with a combination of lighting methods across the room, rather than just one main overhead light. This as depth, warmth and has a more aesthetic appeal. Add eye-catching focal pieces such as antique lamps or even a chandelier. Choose the style that most matches your personality and taste. Add your own unique flair to the room.

Position Switches

Think about the type of switches you need, and where to put them. Consider dimmer switches if you want to vary the amount of light. Think about the height and positioning, particularly if you have children. You could even opt for an occupancy switch, which has a motion sensor and stops you having to fumble around in the dark. Here is a complete guide to switches and dimmers

Light Surfaces

The is a tip for the kitchen mostly. If you have solid cabinets, don’t use internal lights. Instead, light up work surfaces. This is more practical and more aesthetically pleasing. You can do this by adding lights underneath your cabinets. If you work from home or need light to focus on practical tasks, think about lighting up these surfaces as well.

Sustainable Choices

LED lights are the most energy-efficient bulbs. These are more affordable and durable and work both inside and out. If you’re looking for a more sustainable option you could try upcycling old light features, or find secondhand pieces. Most modern appliances are compatible with smart homes, allowing you to control your lighting with a single app. This can help you to reduce your consumption, and not to mention your bills. 

Research Trends

You don’t necessarily need to copy someone else’s design, but it’s a good idea to have a look around for inspiration. Often particular trends are popular due to practicality and sustainability as well, so it’s worth looking into them. Here is a list of the top lighting trends in 2020.

Speak to an interior designer or even just a friend for their advice. It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Lighting is a very important feature in any room, so you’ll want to get the design right. Go for the style that best suits you.

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