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5 Ways to Travel in Style on a Private Plane

by luxirare
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Travelling on a private plane to go on holiday, a business trip or for any other purpose, is probably the most stylish way to get from one place to another. Still, it’s not just the mode of transportation that provides the element of class, there are many other factors involved. Whether you own your own aeroplane or are making the most of VistaJet private plane hire, here are five ways to truly travel in style and enhance your experience.

   Dress the Part

Smart suits for the men, elegant dresses for the ladies; it’s true that if you dress the part you really will feel the part. You may be about to board a private jet where nobody else can see or care about what you’re wearing, but remember that you will be spotted getting on and off.  Dressing up will help get you in the right mood for such luxury travel and make you feel special at the same time.

   Quality Entertainment

Commercial planes are full of entertainment options, from the TV, film and music choices the screen in the seat in front of you provides, to a book you bring along yourself. Private planes allow for a lot more, from Elton John playing in a piano bar to hiring a stand-up comedian for the flight. You’ll also have control over the plane’s entertainment system, so can play any music of your choosing through the speakers.

   Classy Food

No more set menus, hire a professional chef for a long haul flight so you can dine in the air in style. Be sure to give a good idea of what you’d like to eat though, as the chef won’t be able to source any fresh ingredients while flying.

   Fabulous Drinks

Champagne really does add a bit of sparkle and class to any occasion, so be sure to have some of the finest on board for when the plane’s in the air. Cocktails are another popular choice, and some planes will have their own bar on board where you can enjoy the services of a professional bartender.

   No Compromises

The luxuries of flying on a private jet is that you can request (and get) almost anything. If you’ve got a pet, bring them along, want a karaoke session, ask for it. There’s no need to make any compromises as you’ll feel like the boss in the sky. It all adds up to create a luxurious and stylish experience when flying in a private plane.



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