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5 Ways To Relax Your Mind And Body

by luxirare

Stress and anxiety don’t have to control your life. There are many ways to combat anxiety in new and innovative ways that can help you get your life back without the worry of it overtaking your social life and even your career. Let’s take a little look at how this can become a reality in your world and you can take some steps to a more calmer, happier you. 

  1. Start meditating – meditation is something that is becoming increasingly popular with people in today’s world. It can help clear the mind and can be practised daily to bring calmness and clarity to your life. Meditation focuses on clearing the mind, so taking some time to sit or lie in a quiet room when you are alone and trying to focus only on your breathing for a few moments, this will allow you to help clear your mind and eradicate the thoughts of stress and worry for a short amount of time. When practised regularly, it can help reset your state of mind.

  2. Herbal remedies – there are a lot of ways to relax your body with herbal remedies, some of which are used medically. You may want to avoid prescription tablets and antidepressants, so take a look at herbs such as Chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, Kava Kava and of course there are other options too such as people have been known to use cannabis for medical purposes, which can be smoked in hand blown glass pipes but researching what is best for you will help you immensely.

  3. Get a better sleeping pattern – sleeping is one of the best ways to help shape your mind for the better. Losing sleep can create a multitude of health issues, physically and mentally and so start creating a sleep diary, plan when you want to go to bed and get up and how you moods have changed over the weeks. You will see a difference!

  4. Start saying yes more – you may avoid a lot of social situations when anxiety creeps in. You may feel scared, claustrophobic and it may inhibit you when it comes to enjoying your life. By saying yes more, you’re entering into positivity, commiting to something with friends and going out of your comfort zone will definitely help you combat the bad feelings.

  5. Change your diet – what we eat can contribute to an anxious state. You may already be well aware that coffee is a big trigger as it releases caffeine which can make you feel jittery and a little breathless even; but there are lots of foods that contain caffeine that you may not be aware of, including alcohol, tea and even chocolate. 

When you start to implement positive elements into your life, you can come to realise that you don’t need to be hindered by the drowning feeling of anxiety. It takes time and patience but the main element for assisting anxiety is making sure the ones you love are aware and sharing your problem. Speak up about your fears and don’t be afraid to feel. 

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