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5 Ways to Sleep Better at Night

by luxirare
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Either directly or indirectly, sleep impacts every aspect of our health and, therefore, it only makes sense that we take all the steps necessary for getting a good night’s rest at every opportunity. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done because of multiple reasons which range from health complications and poor lifestyle choices to something as obvious as a poor mattress. To make sure that you are sleeping right, we present to you five ways that are almost guaranteed to help you rest better at night.

Use Your Blue Light Filter

Ideally, you should not be looking at any kind of electronic displays that emit blue light for at least an hour before going to bed. However, this is easier said than done because of our smartphones, which most of us use before going to sleep. To manage the situation, most major smartphone manufacturers nowadays equip their devices with a blue light filter that cuts down on the blue light and, consequently, eye strain. Use the filter, or preferably, stop using your phone before going to bed.

Buy the Right Mattress

Millions of people around the world sacrifice sleep and spinal health by using a poor or ill-suited mattresses. All top rated mattresses are usually available on a try and buy basis so do your research regarding sleeping postures, foam types, etc., and then try out a few of them till you find the one that’s right for you. The effects of sleeping on the right mattress can be profound on not only your sleep but also your overall posture and spinal health.

Separate Your Bed from Everything Else

If possible, separate your entire bedroom from everything else, especially work. In case that is not an option, be sure to reserve the bed for intimacy and sleep only. This translates to not working on the bed with your laptop or surfing the web on your phone while lying on the bed. The psychological association between your bed and your brain should only consist of the two aforementioned tasks.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

While reducing your coffee intake is definitely the way to start, keep in mind that it’s not the only source of caffeine that we generally have in our daily diet. Other common sources of caffeine include aerated drinks, chocolate, tea, and fat burner shakes. Avoid having anything that might contain caffeine a few hours before going to sleep.

Don’t Sleep in the Afternoon

There’s only a certain amount of sleep that’s healthy for you on a daily basis and if you exceed that, it will affect you adversely, in addition to making your sleeping sessions inadequate. Resist the urge to sleep during the afternoon or at any other time, except bedtime, even when it’s a holiday.

The effects of just a few hours of sound sleep every night can bring drastic improvements to your health, mood, and even looks. People who sleep better and sufficiently has been proven to live longer and healthier lives, so if there’s anything you are missing out on amongst the five points you just went through, it’s time to bring in some changes.

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