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5 Tips To Have A More Photogenic Smile

by luxirare
Photogenic Smile

Camera-ready smiles are great to have and the truth is that you do not need the money that Hollywood superstars have to have it. There are so many things that you can do in order to have a more photogenic smile. We will just focus on some tips that are pretty simple. Consider them and your pictures will be a lot more interesting and filled with life.

Always Be Natural

Try to smile gently when you take a picture. The face should be relaxed. The mouth can slightly open and the lower lip will match upper teeth curve. Think about the smile that you have when you see a good friend pass by. The natural gentle smile you can have for pictures is just the opposite. You will have the face look relaxed, which is always great for a photogenic photograph.

Position Counts

It is quite often to see that the double chin appears as a person smiles. This is normally due to the posture. One of the simplest things that you can do is to stand up straight. Do not make the head bend forward. When this happens, you will hate your smile. Drop your chin a little and then slightly turn the head.

Think About Lipstick

This one is obviously only for the ladies. Lipstick does make smiles look a lot better. You want to choose lipstick that matches skin tone. When this happens, your teeth end up looking whiter. Try to see what shades you like from rosy pink, plum, berry, wine and cherry red. If you have yellow stains on the teeth, go for pink or blue shades. Never wear lipstick that is too red or simply too dark. The smile would become a lot less appealing then.

Look At The Gums And Teeth

Dentists will always tell you that whitening your teeth improves confidence. This is completely true. Yellow stains on your teeth will make you not want to smile in the first place. It is a really good idea to basically make sure that your teeth and gums are well taken care of.

In the event that you have yellowed teeth, look for teeth whitening products. If this does not work, go to a dentist. You will want to correct all missing, broken and cracked teeth. Gum care is then next. The gum has a huge impact on your photo smile so be sure that you rinse, floss and brush.

Practice Your Photograph Smile

The perfect smile is never going to just happen. In the event that an important event comes up and you will take a photograph, like with graduation or weddings, you want to start practicing that perfect smile in front of a mirror. Your mirror is your best friend as you can easily see how the smile feels and looks. Make sure that you also practice your posture and see if you have to go to the dentist to solve some gum or teeth problems you may have.


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