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5 Times to Take Off Your Engagement Ring

by luxirare
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Your engagement ring is a physical reminder of the promise and love you share with your fiancé or spouse. Besides your wedding ring, it’s probably one of your most treasured pieces of jewelry. It can be hard to want to take your ring off, but there are definitely times you should remove it to avoid the risk of damage or losing it entirely. While traditional diamond and lab created diamond engagement rings themselves are durable and insurance policies can cover some of the damage or loss, there’s nothing like having original diamond and band. Here are some times you should consider removing your engagement or wedding ring to keep it looking sparkly and gorgeous for years to come.

  • When you’re working out

While doing most cardio activities won’t damage your ring, weight lifting definitely can damage the band or even your finger itself. Pressure from weights could potentially bend the band, or could cause any smaller stones to become loose and fall out. You should consider removing your ring during cardio as well to avoid having the ring slip off if you’re sweaty, or having oil, sweat, and dirt build up in the setting. Play it safe and remove your ring while you’re getting your sweat on.

  • When you’re swimming

There are many reasons to remove your ring when at the pool or the beach. You’re at high risk for losing the ring entirely, and at the beach you’re unlikely to find it again in the sand and water. Cold water shrinks your fingers, making it easier for your ring to slip off. Chemicals in the pool or in your sunscreen will cloud up your rings or discolor the metal of the band, and sand and salt are even more damaging.

  • When you’re cleaning

Just like chemicals from the pool or sunscreen can damage your diamond or band, cleaning chemicals can as well. Colored diamonds or gemstones can be more easily damaged than white diamonds as well, so it’s even more important to remove these when you’re cleaning. Bleach and ammonia products are especially damaging to diamonds and metals. Your ring could even potentially snag on cleaning gloves, so play it safe and remove your ring entirely.

  • When you’re cooking

Germs or bacteria can easily live on ring, making it unhygienic to cook while wearing your ring in the first place. Baking is especially hard on rings when cooking fats or flour can easily become lodged in the setting. You’re also at risk for losing your ring down the drain when you wash your hands. Because there are so many places for your ring to get lost in the kitchen, try to remove it somewhere else for safekeeping when you’re cooking.

  • When you’re getting ready

Soaps, serums, and lotions can cause buildup on your ring that will make it cloudy, or become stuck in the difficult to clean area underneath the stones. While it may not seem like a big deal to wear your ring when you’re primping, long term damage from repeated contact with your beauty products over time can show up years later. If you’re using your hands to put on face lotions or serums, contact with your ring and your face can also introduce germs and bacteria into your beauty regimen.


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