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5 Timeless Fashion Accessories for Men

by luxirare

Men’s fashion is one of those things that can tend to get overlooked. Let’s face it, there are so many wonderful things happening in women’s fashion right now that it can be easy to give men’s fashion short shrift. 

With that said, there can be no doubt that men’s fashion is important too—for men and for women both. Like we’ve talked about before, many men have a tendency to rely on women for fashion input and advice, and that’s surely a sign that men care about fashion and want to look good. 

Accessories can be powerful fashion accents, offering men ways to stand out and make a good impression. Whether you are a man who aspires to look his best or a woman who is looking for the perfect gift for precisely such a man, read on, because this article is for you.

1). Necklaces and Chains

With necklaces and chains, the man of good taste should strive for classy and tasteful. Necklaces can be tricky in men’s fashion, but the key pitfall that some men fall into is going over the top and getting an accessory with a gaudy pendant. 

A much better approach is a gold chain: beautiful, elegant, and attention-drawing without being in any way over the top. A tasteful gold chain can accentuate a well-dressed man’s outfit in a way that is masculine and classy. 

2). Bracelets

Bracelets have recently become far more popular in men’s fashion than they were before. 

Some of the most stylish are leather cord bracelets, which are elegant and stylish and can lend a certain charm without the risk of gaudiness or tackiness. Silver chains and beaded bracelets are also very much in style. 

The type of bracelet a man wears should reflect his style. As a general rule, leather bracelets and beaded bracelets go better with laid-back outfits, while metallic chains are a better pairing for formal wear, but the most important thing is for the bracelet to fit with the overall look. 

What about more than one bracelet on the same wrist? Multiple thin cord or beaded bracelets are fine, but only one larger metal band. 

Finally, it’s advisable to only wear bracelets on one wrist, and never wear matching bracelets on both wrists. 

3). Watches 

A good wristwatch is still an excellent fashion accessory choice, even if not especially in the age of smartphones. Like bracelets, people pay attention to watches: they stand out, and the right watch will enhance a man’s outfit in a way that speaks to his self-expression.

There are two main styles with wristwatches at present. The first is minimalistic, plain-looking wristwatches. These are simple, elegant designs, and their beauty lies in their simplicity: they are attractive when paired with practically any outfit.  

The second trend is the skeleton watch, a luxurious-looking analogue watch which displays the inner workings of the watch. This is one of the most significant new fashions in men’s accessories right now, so expect to see a lot more of these as time goes on.

4). Rings 

For many men, wearing rings as fashion accessories is only thinkable if they are wedding rings, but there is absolutely no reason this has to be the case. 

The general rule for men’s rings is that simple bands are best, but don’t be afraid of exotic materials

When buying a ring for a man, avoid large jewels, whether or not they are real, because these tend to look gaudy—essentially the cardinal sin in men’s fashion—and draw too much attention. However, there is absolutely no reason the ring must be gold or silver. Carbon fiber, tungsten, steel, and hard woods—mahogany, koa wood—are all worthwhile options. 

5). Belts 

Men’s belts should be simple, but still distinctive enough to help tie an outfit together. For formal occasions, possibly work depending on the workplace, matching a belt and shoes is a good idea. 

However, in more casual settings the rule is reversed: it is preferable for a man to wear different-colored belts and shoes, because matching colors in a casual context has a tendency to look odd. 

If a man is trying for a look that is either more casual or military-inflected, a web belt is a good option. 


Men’s fashion should not be gaudy, but it also does not have to be boring or simplistic. Too many men have hesitated to wear jewelry for fear of looking feminine or else overdoing it—thus the cautions against gaudy accessories—but this is changing significantly. 

While we’ve covered some important rules for men’s accessories, it is also important to remember that the fundamental purpose of all of these accessories is men’s self-expression. An observant man with good taste, or a woman who is shopping for him, will quickly learn to have a discerning eye in this regard. 


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