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5 Budget Friendly Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

by luxirare
Home Look More Expensive

Let’s face it, at some point in our lives we all want to fulfil our hearts desires to own a lavish home, yet for most of us this means emptying out our bank accounts, if not investing our entire life-savings into affording that perfect interior designer to make your home look more expensive. However, sometimes, all it takes is a little effort from us to add that chic and sophisticated touch, weaved with elements that define our personalities, to give it a unique aura, leaving visitors and guests in awe. So pick yourself up and make your dream a reality and while you’re at it, here are few things to keep in mind:

Simplicity is the key

Going by this saying will really help your décor skills. Over accessorizing is a no-go; you don’t want your home to look like the closest thrift shop! Hold on to things that have sentimental value, and chuck that old, swan-shaped, brass-spoon set you got from the dollar store to avoid unnecessary clutter. Always remember to go for lighter colors for painting walls or furniture. Doing this will not only add sophistication but allow you to grow with the room and make your home look more expensive. If you feel like adding more color to your walls, the best way to go about it would be to paint bright and light colors on opposite walls. Minimalism allows you to highlight more important details and gives you ample space for future innovations.

Layer to your hearts will

So you’ve got it all set up, from the furniture all the way to the color of your walls, but you still don’t quite get the extravagance – layers are a must-have. Layer the floor with a rug, perhaps antique textile rugs or faux skin rugs, layer the shelves with thick candles in glass candle holders, layer your couch with cushions of contrasting colors and patterns and most of all, layer your bed with sheets, duvets, cushions and of course, a throw rug, preferably faux skin. Adding layers gives you space to complement your personal touch while keeping it elegant and your home will look more expensive.

Invest in a vase

A simple set of fresh flowers in a tightly arranged, unique vase placed neatly on a platform at the entrance of your house or even the coffee table in the living room is sure to lighten up mood of visitors while keeping your house looking fresh and elegant. Nevertheless, keep the flowers to a minimum. The key is to keep one type of flower at a time rather than bedazzling the place with colorful flowers. You wouldn’t want an indoor garden now!

Incorporate unique sculptures

One or two structures with an interesting shape or silhouette, placed at strategic points around the house add the element of curiosity to the minds of visitors as they visit over. It spices up an otherwise boring outlook and splashes a touch of art and mystery.

Dim the lights

From the type of lighting to its strategic placement, lighting matters! Dimmed lights give off a comfy, romantic, cozy, relaxing and most definitely, luxurious and elegant feel. If you don’t want to replace all your switches with dimmers, you could always invest in lamps or woodwick candles. Bedside lamps for the bedroom and taller, sleeker, more aesthetic lamps for places like the living room, dining or even a corner of your bedroom if you prefer!

Simplicity, layering, florals, unique sculptures and the perfect lighting; add this to a mixture of strategic planning and placing, and your warm, elegant space is ready for show. It clearly doesn’t take as much as we thought to pull off that expensive-luxurious-home look.

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