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5 Airbnb Styling Tips to Steal for Your Home

by luxirare
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Hands up who likes to stay in Airbnb places when they’re out of town? According to the numbers, the company now operates in over 191 countries and 81,000 cities. It’s not just the convenience that’s helped drive the popularity of the platform though, huge swathes of the directory could easily be mistaken an interior design publication rather than a booking site.

The best Airbnb rentals are styled to be effortlessly cool yet they’re comfortable and practical and seem to be authentic representations of the area they’re in too. If you’re redecorating a space in your home, why not grab some of those design cues and steal some styling tips for your own place? Which elements of design prevalent in the Airbnb could help to give your pad the wow factor? Let’s take a look…

Channel your surroundings

There’s an unwritten rule that Airbnb rentals have to contain at least a subtle nod to the history or culture of their surrounding area. Let’s be honest, when you’re sharing your holiday snaps on Instagram it’s great if someone can instantly recognise you’re in Morocco or Copenhagen just from the styling of the apartment you’re staying in. Is it time you put a signature stamp on your own home? Incorporating artwork, textiles and ceramics from local artists is a trend that’s been building in interior design for some time now. Vintage maps, photographs and prints of your local area are other great ways to steal the style, just pick and mix elements that work with your wider design theme.

Use statement pieces

From floor to ceiling wall murals to colourful rugs and statement lighting, there’s always at least one piece that’s a real conversation starter in the coolest holiday rentals. They help to catch your eye when you’re searching the site for somewhere to stay and they make a lasting impression that ensures you never forget the place too. For an effortlessly chic feel, you’ll want to add just a few high contrast pieces to set the mood for your space.

These key pieces can be used to introduce accent colours to your space, so it’s easy to update the look and feel of the place without a whole new paint job or buying a whole new set of furniture. And while many Airbnb places like to rely on a good gallery wall to bring colour to an otherwise white and bright space, you don’t have to avoid colour completely. A feature wall here and there will keep things interesting without making decorating too laborious.

Mix old and new

While many Airbnb apartments are in plush modern buildings with contemporary finishing touches like light-flooding bifold doors, they don’t usually contain brand new furniture. The furnishings in Airbnb apartments naturally get lots of wear and tear; so choosing good quality second hand items is a no-brainer for many hosts. Think thrift shop steals and superb car boot finds rather than high-end auction and you can inject character into a space and finish it relatively inexpensively. This way, you’ll be less upset if a guest spills a drink at a party and you won’t need to ban your pets from your living room, unless you want to of course.

Incidentally, mixing and matching textures is a huge trend for 2018 according to the Pinterest 2018 Pinsights Home Report. So, it’s a great time to pick up a vintage leather sofa or to search out some wool or fringed blankets to help your living room or bedroom look a little more, well, homely.

Upcycling old wooden furniture is another trend that’s on the rise according to Pinterest. Grab a paintbrush and paint in a beautiful accent colour and you can make a room pop without splashing strong shades on the walls. This is a great tactic if you like to change things up regularly or you don’t want to commit the time and effort to painting a large space or the expense of buying brand new furniture.

Create beautiful storage

One thing that many Airbnb apartments seem to do very well is to squeeze in plenty of interesting storage. In fact, rather than looking clutter and ugly, open shelving and even open closets and rails are often used as features to break up shared spaces. That’s a pretty useful tactic that can prove really helpful in open plan spaces. You don’t need to stick with modern shelving units or bare rails to make it work either. Think about using some quirkier items like old drinks trolleys or crates to put items on display.

Do you fall in love with the styling of Airbnb apartments you stay in? Is there an item of furniture you’d have loved to have taken home with you? Perhaps you’ve already stolen some Airbnb styling tips to use in your home?

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