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4 Secrets That Will Make Your Bathroom Look Five-Star

by luxirare

If there is one room in the house which you want to resemble a luxury hotel, it’s the bathroom. The idea of doing your business in a dirty, substandard space is downright disgusting. Come on; you’re not a dog! Plus, the bathroom is one place where you spend a lot of time. As such, it needs to be as stylish as it is practical. With that in mind, it’s time to let your vain side run wild. Here are four tips to make your bathroom sparkle.

#1: Quantity Over Quality

Usually, quality is the key to luxury, but that isn’t the case with your bathroom. You see, there isn’t a tiny bathroom on the planet which looks gorgeous and elegant at the same time. The reason for this is that you need lots of room to pull off the look. So, the first port of call is to find more space or at least make the area seem bigger. If you are a handy person, knocking down a wall or two will extend the scope. Where that isn’t possible, ornate mirrors make any room appear bigger. These basin vanity unit choices are also fantastic places to store unwanted clutter. And, all of the above are trendy and chic.

#2: Light It Up

The type of light, as well as the fixtures, makes a massive difference to your bathroom’s appearance. Typically, homeowners copy the same light designs that they see in the neighbour’s home. That’s fine as long as your neighbours put as much emphasis on luxury as you do. So, forget about the light bar above the mirror and get creative. Instead, why not opt for separate lamps or sconces which give off a warm, soft light? Or, you can install spotlights so that it is easy to control the lighting at any given time.

#3: Paint It White

This goes against everything the Rolling Stones stands for, but white is synonymous with luxury. The reason is the gloss and shine, which is almost impossible to recreate with any other colour. Also, materials which you identify with elegance tend to be light, such as marble. Of course, all white can look samey, which is why you need to choose a lighter base. Using a grey paint on the walls will look amazing with white fittings such as a sink and cabinets because the pieces will act as a focal point.

#4: Separate The Shower And The Tub

Lots of bathrooms have a bathtub and a shower combination to save space. However, it comes off as thrifty and not very elegant. When was the last time you stopped at a five-star joint and didn’t have a separate tub and shower? Plus, the bath looks impressive on its own, particularly if it has a retro style. If you can’t have both, opt for a stand-alone shower and get rid of the tub. Showers can not only look modern and cool, but they are practical.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, your bathroom can be the belle of the ball.

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