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4 of the Most Exotic Holiday Destinations

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A quick search for ‘luxury holiday destinations‘ will quickly bring up lists of suggested places and travel agent links. But if you are a well travelled individual looking for something new, or simply prefer a destination that is a little bit different, where should you jet off to? If you want an exotic holiday destination that promises lavish accommodation, amazing activities, culture and a chance to explore the unknown, then mull over some of these exotic locations.


Have you been everywhere, seen almost everything, and think you have done it all? Well, you probably have not yet been to Myanmar. Until a couple of years ago, this Southeast Asian country was something of a mystery, as it was more-or-less closed to tourists. As such, Myanmar offers authentic sites and experiences that have remained largely untouched by the outside world.
While in Myanmar, visit temples and pagodas, view the beauty of botanical gardens, or take a balloon over scenic Bagan (recently featured as one of the world’s best balloon rides) for an unforgettable experience.



Situated in Turkey only a few hours from the capital of Ankara, Cappadocia is a city with which you are likely unfamiliar. This hugely historical city is unlike any other you have visited, with bronze age cave homes, so-called fairy chimneys made from tall mythical cone shaped rock structures, and an ethereal landscape that has been shaped by the wind.
Here you can stay in a cave dwelling, explore the picturesque sites on horseback, or similarly to Myanmar, view it all from the air via balloon.


When most people travel to exotic India, they head for Jaipur, Agra or Mumbai, but this magnificent country offers so much more. Situated in Rajasthan, Udaipur is a small city that dates back to the sixteenth century. Filled with opulent palaces situated on the cusp of manmade lakes, this city is often referred to as India’s most romantic.
Here you can spend the day at the eleven palaces and peacock mosaics that make up City Palace, followed by a sunset boat ride at Lake Pichola.


Do you quickly get bored of being in one place? Does your perfect exotic holiday involve the chance for real exploration? Then a cruise may be just the thing for you.
You could do something a little different and take a cruise through the North Pole, travel through the Suez Canal and the Middle East, or sail past the Galapagos. Or, for the ultimate luxury experience, discover the beautiful Caribbean islands – companies like Iglu.com have a great selection.

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