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4 Events That Are Better With A Party Bus

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There is no better way to improve your party experience that to hire a party bus. A party bus offers more than just the party experience on wheels; you will be able to transport up to 55 of your mates with a qualified driver who has local knowledge of the party scene. Also, contrary to popular belief, party buses are not that expensive to hire. The versatility of party buses also means that they can be utilized for a wide range of events depending on the type of party, the participants, and the number of people that you expect to attend.

Here are 4 events that can be significantly improved by simply hiring a party bus.

  • Prom Night

The portrayal that party buses have received in popular culture is that they are mobile bases of debauchery. This is an unfair portrayal since party buses are, by essence, a more robust version of a limo service. When your children are attending prom, you can hire a party bus for up to 50 of their colleagues to ensure that they can party safely under adult supervision. When you hire a party bus for a prom event, the driver will act as a chaperone ensuring that there is no underage drinking or any other irresponsible behaviour. You can also end up saving more if you partner up with other parents to get a single party bus for your child’s friend group.

  • Bachelor/bachelorette party

Party buses first gained mainstream appeal due to their popularity by bachelor and bachelorette entourages in destinations such as Las Vegas. When you are holding a bachelor/ette party, you don’t want to burden one of your friends with the designated driver responsibilities. Similarly, you don’t want different partygoers to travel using different taxis due to space constraints. A party bus ensures that the entire bachelor/ette entourage moves as a single group. You can also request other additional extras such as dancing poles or a champagne service to add to the fun experience.

  • Wine/Beer Tasting tours

If you are lucky to live in a metropolitan area such as Toronto that is within close proximity to numerous breweries and wineries, then you would be remiss to fail to take your friends for a wine/beer tasting tour. A limo Platinum party bus is perfect for such occasions since none of your mates has to be the designated driver. Toronto party bus operators are also familiar with the wineries or breweries that will appeal to your taste which should add to the fun.

  • Club Hopping

Club hopping is still one of the most fun nightlife experiences, especially if you are within a metropolitan area with a wide selection of clubs to choose from. You don’t need an occasion to enjoy club hopping, all you need is a group of fun friends and a party bus! A party bus is essentially a party on wheels, which ensures that you are already engaged in the party mood before you hit the clubs. Party bus operators also form relationships with popular clubs which might see your party group get VIP treatment when you club hop.

Other great and fun applications of party buses include concert trips and road trips.

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