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3 Straightforward Tips for Living a More Luxurious Life on a Budget

by luxirare
Luxurious Life

Pretty much everyone loves the idea of getting a bit more luxury in their lives – that’s a big part of the reason why products branded as luxury items typically develop a dedicated cult following, and why classic films and TV series that depict people from more elegant times, wearing more elegant attire, are often so universally popular among critics and audiences alike.

Of course, when you think of “luxury,” it goes without saying that you are probably going to envision all sorts of highly pricey items, ornaments, and amenities. “Diamond” says “luxury” better than “coloured glass,” does, and plush cashmere sweaters just seem innately more luxurious than discount bathrobes.

But just because luxury is associated with cost, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to employ some straightforward tips in order to live a more luxurious life overall, on a budget.

So, before you contact the people at flyinghomes.co.uk in order to sell your home

and raise money for that new wardrobe you’ve been eyeing up, consider these suggestions for bringing a touch of luxury into your life, without breaking the bank.

  • Adopt a somewhat more “minimalist” and “intentional” approach to your belongings, and emphasise having fewer, but better things

“Minimalism” has been a popular trend for some years now, and, as the name suggests, is mostly preoccupied with reducing the net amount of “stuff” that people have in their lives.

There is an interesting dimension of minimalism that isn’t so often mentioned, but that has been brought up in at least one very popular documentary on the subject, however.

That is, when you adopt a more minimalist approach to your belongings, and commit to being more “intentional” in your shopping habits, you will inevitably end up with less staff overall, but with a strong desire to make the purchases you do indulge in as high quality as possible.

Ultimately, the minimalist ethos isn’t just about having less stuff – it’s about truly valuing the things you do have – and ensuring that they bring the maximum possible amount of joy, comfort, and yes, even “luxury,” to your life.

So, save some of the money you would have spent on amassing a wide variety of different trinkets, gadgets, and novelty T-shirts, and instead, put that money towards getting one or two truly luxurious and excellent items of clothing that can last for years without losing their magic touch – or, for that matter, items of real wood furniture that are more expensive upfront, but that are built to last for decades and centuries, rather than just months and years.

  • Keep your space immaculately tidy and well-ordered

You could take the most beautifully pristine and luxurious collection of belongings, but if you put them all together in one room, scattered them haphazardly around, and then added a bit of general-purpose clutter for good measure, the overall effect of the environment would not be to create a strong sense of “luxury.”

In the final analysis, it’s impossible for any home, or room, to feel luxurious and classy, if it is completely messy, chaotic, cluttered, and disordered. The simple fact of it being that way will make it a psychologically stressful environment to occupy, and will naturally cause you to undervalue, or even fail to notice, the specific excellent items that fill that space.

Tidying up a home is often free – or at least, very nearly free. But, by going through a proper and committed decluttering and tidying up operation, a la Marie Kondo, you can radically increase how luxurious, comfortable, and uplifting that space is to occupy.

And, of course, when you can actually see the floor – and don’t have your awareness so totally crowded that the individual items in your home are completely hidden from you – you can truly appreciate each particular belonging for what it is, and for the benefits and blessings it conveys.

Finally, a home that is immaculately tidy and well ordered will serve as the perfect environment to develop over the years into an increasingly luxurious, engaging, and life-affirming space. It will be “primed” so to speak, for whatever ambitious and lofty design dreams you might have.

  • Emphasise “in-depth” cultural pastimes, rather than shallower forms of entertainment

It’s certainly possible to spend the vast majority of your free time doing things that aren’t particularly sophisticated, culturally deep, or “luxurious,” either.

Sitting on your sofa all weekend, every weekend, and watching dating shows, for example, probably isn’t the key to turning the net satisfaction and bliss of your life up to the next level.

In a broader social context, the idea of “luxurious” forms of recreation may often be perceived as pretentious. And certainly could be, depending on how it was approached.

But it’s important to realise that when we talk about “luxury,” we’re not just talking about things that look impressive to others, or that seem particularly decadent and plush. The term can also be used, in some sense, to refer to cultural pastimes that touch something deeper within you, and that make a more meaningful impression, than more shallow and ephemeral forms of entertainment.

So, when you have some free time at your disposal, you should strongly consider making a point of involving yourself in cultural pastimes such as visiting museums and art galleries, in addition to the more everyday stuff you’ll inevitably do to unwind after work.

Cultural sophistication of this type was often highly regarded by aristocrats and the original purveyors and appreciators of “luxury,” back in the day – as a way of treating and refining the emotional, as well as physical senses.

Of course, it certainly helps that many museums, art galleries, and so on, are free in many places, or at least, not very expensive.

It’s also possible to appreciate many of the classic works of literature, for free, courtesy of websites such as Project Gutenberg – that legally offer classic works for free.

Appreciating “luxury” in your life has at least as much to do with putting yourself in the right mindset to properly absorb the experiences that are presented to you. So, take the time to let a walk in nature really move you, and literally stop to smell the roses.

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