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3 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol And It’s Harming Your Health

by luxirare
Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice drink from time to time? Part of enjoying life is having a cheeky cocktail when it’s sunny, or having some wine with your friends after a long week of work! But, what if drinking too much alcohol have got out of hand without you realising? If you overdo it, then you can seriously harm your health right now and for many years to come.

So, here are a few signs to look out for that will tell you that you’re starting to drink a bit too much:

Your memory is getting worse and worse

Have you ever woken up after a night out with a pounding head and a sense of ‘what the hell just happened?!’. You can’t remember a thing until your friends fill you in. At the time, it seems funny, and you all laugh about it. However, memory loss is a massive sign that you’re drinking way too much. Especially if you go out multiple times per week and start forgetting things from earlier in the day before you got drunk. You really don’t want to deal with memory loss problems as they can be bad for your health. So, be wary of this telltale sign.

You feel like you NEED to have a drink

There are a fair few people out there who feel like they have this internal need to have a drink of alcohol. Perhaps you see it as the key to unlocking your fun personality, or maybe it’s a stress reliever, and you crave it? Regardless, the moment you begin to crave alcohol, that’s a sign you’ve been drinking too much. It’s also an early indication you may have an alcohol addiction creeping up on you. If you spot this sign, then the best thing you can do is talk to a rehab centre like ARC, and get specialist help. The last thing you should do is ignore this and continue drinking because you crave alcohol, as this will mean you fall down a very slippery slope towards an addiction you’ll struggle to kick.

You keep looking and feeling sick

Alcohol does a lot of terrible things to the human body – when consumed fairly regularly. It causes you to put on weight, makes your skin turn bad, and just generally causes you to look a bit sickly. Not only that, but it weakens your immune system. So, if you’re always catching a cold or feeling sick, then this could be down to your drinking problem. My advice is to cut down on drinking alcohol if you always feel or look sick. If you notice a difference in your health, then that shows alcohol was the cause in the first place.

By no means am I saying everyone should be 100% alcohol-free for the rest of their life! A drink or two on the weekend every now and then is going to be fine. But, when you start to overdo it and consistently drink too much, that’s when your health suffers. To avoid getting to the stage where your health deteriorates, watch out for these three signs that you drink too much.

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