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3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Home with a MVHR System

by luxirare
MVHR System

MVHR, or mechanical heat recovery and ventilation, is an excellent choice for new home construction and can be installed in existing homes too. The systems have plenty of great advantages that make them an increasingly attractive option for people who value air quality and energy efficiency. In this article, we’re going to give you a few reasons why you should consider upgrading your home with an MVHR system.

The Environmental Benefits

MVHR offers a number of environmental benefits. Because it transfers heat that would have otherwise been lost by your ventilation system, it allows you to reduce your energy load in the winter. In the summer, it does the opposite, cooling the air you bring in and reducing the load on your air conditioner.

You don’t have to choose between an environmentally friendly home and comfort. This is actually why building codes are starting to mandate MVHR systems in new construction. A side benefit is the dramatic reduction in dust and spiders in your home, since the system doesn’t give them a place to hide. Most modern MVHR systems are rather quiet, too, so you won’t have to choose between comfort and noise. MVHR systems vary in their ease of use, noise levels, cost and reliability. You can learn more about your options in MVHR at https://www.bpcventilation.com/choosing-a-mvhr-unit.

Better Air Quality

Good air quality is important to your health, but MVHR is incredibly good at delivering that. The mechanical heat recovery and ventilation pushes all air through a centrally-mounted unit that’s connected to each room through your duct network. You can run all incoming air through high grade air filters, removing pollution, particulates and anything else you don’t want to breathe in before it reaches your living areas.

MVHR is particularly valuable if you live near busy roads, industrial sites and other areas that may have poor air quality. If you build a home with mechanical heat recovery and ventilation or upgrade your home to include MVHR, you could have better indoor air quality regardless of the poor air quality outside.

Another benefit of MVHR systems is that there is no condensation in your system and much less dust. The end result is nearly no fungal growth, so you don’t have to worry about breathing in mould and mildew that is growing in your vents. The MVHR system will also refresh air in your bathrooms on a regular basis, so they’re also less likely to foster mould and mildew.

Greater Security

If you’re someone who values their security, an MVHR system could significantly improve the security of your home. For example, you won’t need to open windows to let in fresh air, creating a literal opening into your home. You can keep doors and windows locked and the alarms set.

Whether you’re trying to determine which type of ventilation system to install in a new home or looking to improve the atmosphere of your existing home, you need to consider MVHR systems. They can truly impact your quality of life in a number of ways.

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