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3 lighting tips that will transform your home

by luxirare
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If you’re eager to update your home but you don’t know where to start, you could begin by focusing your attention on your lighting. For lighting tips on how to transform your home by simply adjusting your lighting, keep reading.

    Layer up

It’s likely most of the rooms in your home have one central overhead light, and while this type of illumination is great for brightening up the space as a whole, it can often omit a stark, invasive glow, making it difficult for you to create a cosy, homely vibe. So, if you’re keen to set the mood, you could stray away from relying on a single overhead fixture and layer up with different types of lighting instead. For example, in your living room, you could drape a string of pretty fairy lights along your fireplace and position a free standing lamp in the corner, creating a perfectly lit nook for you to curl up in. If you’re stuck for inspiration, you could check out the lighting solutions on offer at your local home ware shop or you could visit an online specialist like The Lightning Superstore. Introducing a variety of illuminations is a guaranteed way to effectively light up any space in your home.

    Dim down

Since traditional light switches can only either be turned on or off, it can be tricky to get the brightness in your rooms spot on. So if you’re keen to really take control of the lighting levels in your home, you could install dimmer switches. These innovative solutions can be hooked up to just about any of your lights, allowing you to decide how bright or dull you wish the room to be. Whether you install dimmers in your bedroom, living room or study, they’re perfect for changing up the light levels in your rooms at the simple turn of a knob.

    Go ‘au naturel’

While it’s important that your home is kitted out with a variety of different light fixtures, why not go ‘au naturel’ and let the sun take care of lighting up your spaces? Sunlight is perfect for brightening any room. To ensure you’re maximising your natural light, there are a few tips and tricks you can try. For example, you could swap your window dressings for treatments that are guaranteed to let the light filter through, such as Venetian blinds or curtains made from a thin, floaty material. Additionally, you could hang a mirror on the opposite wall to your window to reflect the incoming light around the whole room.

There’s no denying that light can have a huge impact on the look and feel of each room in your home. By taking some of these tips into consideration, you should find it easier to get your brightness levels just right.


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