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3 Great Luxury Adventure Travel Ideas

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A trip to an exotic locale is a great way to unwind and see the world. However, if this is your first time, it can be difficult to settle on a destination. It can also be tough settling for one destination if you’ve been everywhere and back. Here are some great luxury adventure travel destinations for the adventurer in you.

1. Australia, The Outback

Australia is a country that is renowned for its miles of beaches, its famous coral reef, and its wildlife. If you’re a nature lover, then a trip to the Outback is a great luxury adventure travel idea. You can go on a guided tour where you have the chance to see various types of animals in their natural habitat. You’ll also have the chance to meet some of the natives and share their culture.

Since the area has been largely unexploited, you can learn to appreciate the area’s pristine scenery. The place is full of exotic birds, fauna and flora, and tons of wildlife, making it one of the most prized destinations for tourists the world over.

2. The Serengeti

Have you ever thought of going on a wildlife safari in the middle of the African savannah? Well, this is your chance of making it more than a pipe dream. Tanzania is one of the prime destinations for safaris and embarking on a safari in the Serengeti is an experience any wildlife lover should see at least once in their lives. You can choose to go on a guided safari with a large party or go on a private safari with just you and a tour guide. You can also go hunting, which is one of the reasons why many tourists are attracted to the area. If you’re a game lover, the place is an absolute paradise, but know that this isn’t a free for all. Make sure you know the rules and regulations before you go into your  great luxury adventure travel, if you don’t want to enter into poaching territory.

3. Iceland

If you are more of a Nordic person, then Iceland would be the perfect adventure for you. The country is known for its vast territory and it offers tons of activities for nature lovers. The country is a great destination for fishing trips and for hiking as well. Much of the country has not been touched, which makes it the perfect backdrop for an experienced hiker. You’ll be met with magnificent purple lupines, pristine plains dotted with cliffs and peaks, and beautiful waterfalls.

Iceland also offers tons of hot springs for your great luxury adventure travel. The country’s underground seismic activity allows these hot springs to reach temperatures of 176 degrees F. Another great feature of Iceland is its long summer days. Because of its location, Iceland can enjoy up to 20 hours of sunlight at peak summertime, allowing you more time to enjoy your hobbies and make the most of your day.

All these destinations have something different to offer and are great for anybody looking for something different. All these destinations also offer great accommodations, allowing you to enjoy both the wonders of nature and the bustling urban life.

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