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2022 Trends to Follow for A Gorgeous Kitchen

by luxirare

The kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the most important spaces in your home. We want it to be functional, yet good-looking. Next year trends bring in a lot of diversity, from modern, handless kitchens, to natural kitchens where wood and stone are the stars. If you’re looking to remodel and improve your kitchen, you may want to consider the following trends.

  • Don’t run away from bold colors

If white kitchens are not your thing, there is good news for you in 2022. You can easily adopt bold colors when it comes to cabinets and even walls. Perhaps you already noticed the growing popularity of black kitchens. In case black is too much for you, other appreciated colors include navy blue, burgundy, and forest green. Just do bear in mind that dark-colored kitchens need to be open and large, so they don’t have that cramped-up sensation.

  • You can’t go wrong with marble

Marble has always been a choice for those looking to add some luxury to their kitchen. Because it is a high-end material, it provides a gorgeous, timeless finish, which explains why it is still in trend. However, there is a slight detail underlined by interior design experts. In 2022, marble with rich veins will be highly sought-after. So, the more veins the better.

  • Smart and sleek kitchens

We are very much surrounded by technology and this aspect is not going to end anytime soon. If you want to redesign your kitchen for the future, you should consider aspects that give it a sleek design. Also, smart appliances will add to this as well. One of the best choices, in this case, is handless kitchens. This design provides a sleek appearance. And to keep things in the same manner, try to find cordless appliances or, at least, to hide their cords.

  • Elements made out of natural materials

At the opposite pole to sleek and modern kitchens, we have designs that use natural materials. Such designs are still in trend, getting a lot of traction since the pandemic started. Because we had to stay at home a lot, we looked for ways to make out kitchen, and home, warmer and more welcoming. And natural materials like wood have the power to do so. We talked about marble earlier, but we can include granite in the same category. Also, when it comes to wood, you can have unpainted wood cabinets in your kitchen, for a simple and natural look.

  • Keep it minimal

Minimalistic kitchens are also in trend, following the people’s desire to declutter and make their living spaces more breathable. This particular trend is highly suitable for small, apartment kitchens since it creates a visual effect of enlarged space. To have a minimalist kitchen, you need to go for straight lines and polished details. Such kitchens are extremely practical while maintaining the fluidity of the interior space.

These are some of the most popular kitchen trends in 2022 but do remember that there are ways to have your dream kitchen. Whether you like wood or not, handless kitchens, or minimalist designs, the coming year makes room for trends capable of suiting all needs and desires. There is only one aspect that is a must when redecorating a kitchen. Make sure it fits with the rest of the house, to have a unitary design that provides harmony and good taste.

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