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12 Men’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

by luxirare
Men's Fashion

Men’s fashion runs the gamut from understated to over the top. It’s a growing industry that’s offering more options than ever before, which can be a good or bad thing. Men’s styling in the workplace can be totally different than the attire worn at social events, but at all times there are a few fashion dos and don’ts that should be followed.

Do – Make a Tastefully Bold Statement

Women may think that accessories are their thing, but men may have them beat. The real statement pieces of men’s attire are the accessories. Whereas a woman’s top or dress can be covered in beading or print, men’s clothing is typically more minimalist. But add a pair of custom Ferragamos and the Heathrow Metal Tie with a Prada suit and you’ll get noticed without looking garish.

Don’t – Wear Mismatched Accessories

Matching your shoes to your belt is a cornerstone of men’s fashion. When you’re getting dressed, think of your accessories as a cohesive collection rather than individual pieces. It’s also best to balance statement-making accessories with subtle pieces.

Do – Invest in Quality and Proper Fit

When it comes to your closet, go with quality over quantity. It’s better to put your clothing budget towards a handful of high-quality, tailored pieces than twice as many articles of clothing that are half the quality and don’t fit just right. When you’re making an investment in a high-end piece of apparel or accessory, look for timeless pieces that will be worn for years.

Don’t – Be Afraid of Prints

A colorful or bold print can make a standard ensemble stand out. There are ways you can incorporate a small hint of print if you’re hesitant, like for instance a pocket square. The cardinal rule to follow when using print is to limit it to one. Mixing prints is extremely hard to pull off.

Do – Dress Up Denim

Denim, the quintessential American fabric, is beloved by many for it’s versatility. Too often guys dress jeans way down and never ramp up the style. A great fitting pair of black or dark denim jeans are a comfortable replacement for your slacks on casual Friday. It’s also a suitable option for date night no matter where you’re going.

Don’t – Sandals With Socks

Never, ever should you combine a pair of sandals with a pair of socks. In no instance does it ever look good.

Do – Have Your Suit Tailored

If you only own one tailored thing in your life, it should be a well-made suit. A suit should look put together, which isn’t possible if it’s ill fitting. The problem is most guys don’t have fit model measurements. The answer – find yourself a good tailor. As long as you maintain your physique you can get years of use out of the suit.

Don’t – Wear Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes just look sloppy. No matter what type of physique you have, baggy clothes are doing you no favors.

Do – Come Up With a “Uniform” That Shows Your Style

The most successful men, like say President Barack Obama, understand the power of simplifying your work wardrobe. Many high level execs say they essentially wear the same thing everyday so there’s one less decision they have to make. Steve Jobs was a big believer in this concept. However, you should find a unique “uniform” that fits your physique and shows a sense of style.

Don’t – Go Over-the-Top With Chest Exposure

A v-neck can flatter just about anyone, but the deep, deep v-necks that have come out in recent years are among the worst men’s fashion trends. There are very few situations when full-on chest exposure is appropriate outside the Jersey Shore.

Do – Play Around With Headgear

Too many guys simply stick to baseball caps if they’re covering their head. Take a lesson from the leading men in classic movies on TCM and branch out a bit on your headgear. A stylish hat instantly amps up the volume of an outfit.

Don’t – Puka or Any Other Shell Jewelry

Unless your ancestry is connected to the South Pacific Islands, you may want to retire the puka shell jewelry. While you’re at it, purge all jewelry made of shells or beads.

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