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10 Ways to Avoid Foot Pain From a New Pair of Shoes

by luxirare

Buying a new pair of shoes can be exciting when you first spot them in the store window or online. Sometimes, when you first start wearing your latest purchase, though, you may be frustrated with the experience of foot pain and blisters from your new shoes. If you frequently experience problems with new shoes, there are some great tips to help your feet feel better. Here are 10 ways to avoid foot pain from a new pair of shoes.

1. Buy Shoes That Fit

The first tip is to buy shoes that actually fit. If you’re purchasing in a shoe store, be sure to get professionally measured to see exactly what size you are, or you can do it yourself. Record your feet’s measurements, and save that information for later. Then, when you are searching for a new pair online, you can easily check your measurements to see if the new shoes will fit.

2. Break Them In

The next thing to do with a new pair of shoes is to spend some time breaking them in. Try wearing them at various times in the house over a period of a few weeks. Increase the amount of time you wear your new shoes to get your feet more used to the feel. Once they feel comfortable enough, you can begin wearing them out.

3. Limit Friction

While wearing your new shoes, it’s important to limit the possibility of friction from the shoe’s material rubbing up against your skin. There are many different products on the market that put a barrier between your skin and your shoe to help keep blisters from forming.

4. Wear Socks

Socks are another tool that can keep your feet from developing blisters or painful spots that sometimes come from wearing new shoes. While some shoes can’t possibly be paired with socks, try using socks as much as you can during the breaking in phase. Then, you’ll be able to give your feet a little more breathing room.

5. Avoid Certain Styles

It’s also important to understand which types of shoe styles don’t work for your feet. Depending on the shape of your feet and toes, you may need to avoid various shoe choices. Certain styles, like extremely high heels or flip flops, may not work for every pair of feet.

6. Try Wearing Insoles

Some foot pain can be avoided by adding comfortable accessories to your pair of shoes. If you have pain that radiates along the arches of your feet, it may be wise to try a pair of comfortable insoles. There are plenty of great products available that give your feet a little more cushion.

7. Don’t Get Your Feet Wet

Getting your feet wet may also be a contributing factor to your foot pain from new shoes. Besides exposing your shoes to rain or other wet weather, your feet can also get wet from sweating. If your shoes are too warm for the season, the extra moisture from your sweat may be affecting the way your shoe fits and feels.

8. Choose Different Styles

Another helpful way to keep foot pain from impacting your feet is to rotate your shoe style. Pick a variety of shoe fashions to wear, and don’t wear the same pair of shoes too often. This method helps your feet get exposed to different fits and materials and avoids the problem of placing the same amount of pressure on parts of your feet over time.

9. Let Your Feet Breathe

Letting your feet breathe is another option if you’re trying to keep your toes and heels comfortable. In the warmer months, choose a well-fitting pair of sandals to give your toes and skin some breathing room. When it gets colder, opt for shoes that have breathable materials.

10. Opt for High-Quality Materials

Finally, make sure you choose shoes that are well made to help avoid problems like foot discomfort. Certain materials, like leather, are less likely to cause issues, so check the label of your shoe to find out what it is constructed of.

Be kind to your feet when you’re searching for the next fashionable piece of footwear. Do a bit of research before making that next purchase, and your feet could start feeling much better.

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