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10 Popular Features for Your Dream Luxury Home

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If you’re in the market for a large luxury property, or if you’re only dreaming of your future estate, it’s important to know what type of features to look for before settling down on your multi-million dollar property. Luxury home buyers may be looking for features that go beyond the typical consumer in the real estate market. More properties than ever are adding unique additions to customize the living experience in luxury. Here are 10 popular features for your dream luxury property.

1. Professional Kitchens

No matter what your budget is for your home purchase, the kitchen is an essential part of your living space that helps people choose a home. Luxury buyers want high-end kitchens that feature professional appliances and other kitchen essentials that aren’t usually in the typical cooking area in a more reasonably priced home. Your dream home may include unique accessories such as warming drawers, wine refrigerators, commercial appliances, and a large walk-in refrigerator and pantry.

2. Environmentally-Friendly Features

Luxury home buyers are also demanding environmentally-friendly features for their dream homes. Saving energy and keeping the planet green are priorities for many homebuyers, and the high-end market is no different. In the luxury market, homebuyers may be seeking homes with more efficient power systems, such as solar, wind, or geothermal energy. Homebuyers may also look for properties equipped with green roofs, energy-efficient lighting systems, and sustainable building materials.

3. High-Tech Tools

Technology is another tool that helps a typical property become primed for the luxury market. Smart technology has made it easier for homeowners to control household systems, such as security, energy, and lighting. The luxury buyer may expect potential properties to be fully equipped with smart home features. They may also look for digital technology features in the home’s appliances.

4. Entertainment Options

Luxury homes should also have plenty of spaces dedicated to entertainment within the footprint of the property. One popular option in many luxury properties is the inclusion of a home theater room, complete with a large movie screen and plenty of relaxing seating options. For homebuyers interested in other entertainment options beyond movies, there may also be game rooms, basketball courts, bowling alleys, and other spots for fun.

5. Hotel-Style Pools

Outdoors, no luxury home would be complete without an impressive pool and hot tub. Just having a pool or hot tub isn’t enough for the average luxury home buyer of today. Now, homebuyers are looking for more elaborate and customized pool options for their dream homes. Some high-end properties have transformed the basic pool into something that looks more at home at a hotel or water park, with water slides, splash pads, waterfalls, or zero entry features. This way, homeowners can enjoy incredible pool parties or simple moments of Zen in their backyard.

6. Spa Bathrooms

The bathroom is another key space that homebuyers want to see luxury and impressive custom features in. It’s expected to have multiple bathrooms throughout a luxury property. Many of these bathrooms should be included ensuite with bedrooms. Buyers are looking for large soaking tubs, spacious his and hers showers, and relaxing sauna rooms to help them find peace and comfort in a home.

7. Incredible Views

The best properties around the world also include million dollar views as part of their package. Luxury properties like The Razor House, managed by telecommunications giant Donald Burns, incorporate stunning views of nature or cityscapes into the property’s design. Many high-end properties are designed around the potential for a great view and employ large windows in specific spots to capitalize on this.

8. Specialty Rooms

Today, another common trend in the largest estates and most luxurious homes is the specialty room. These rooms provide a different purpose than the typical living room, dining room, or kitchen. Specialty rooms may be centered around a hobby or passion of the homeowner, such as a dance room, an exercise room, a craft room, a yoga studio, or a playground room. Options are as different as the variety of interests people have in sports, activities, or fitness.

9. Regal Master Suites

A luxury home must also include a master suite fit for a king or queen. Expect your dream home to have a spacious master bedroom that includes a luxurious master bath as well. Closet space matters as well for the luxury home buyer, and they often expect a his and hers style closet layout to help organize all of their stuff.

10. Privacy and Space

One of the most important features for a dream home is privacy. Luxury homes cannot expect to achieve ultimate privacy without a generous amount of space for the property. Homes like this are usually large and enjoy a spacious layout that goes the beyond the typical homes of the average consumer.

Buying a luxury home is a unique experience and can open your eyes to some of the outrageous and incredible features that are possible today with the most stunning properties. If you are planning to purchase a home like this some day, you may be able to experience the benefits of these amazing details.

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