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The 10 Most Incredible Shopping Destinations in the World

by luxirare

One of the most exciting parts of going to a new place is finding out what you can buy. If you’re looking for shopping destinations that will allow you to get your retail fix, there are many different parts of the world that are known for their incredible shopping opportunities. When you’re trying to purchase designer fashions, luxurious home items, or premium accessories, here are the 10 best spots in the world to start.

  1. Fifth Avenue, New York City, USA

The first place to start your shopping extravaganza is along New York City’s famous Fifth Avenue. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, this prime location in New York’s famous Manhattan district became the hot spot for the rich and powerful. Today, you’ll find a wealth of attractions, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trump Tower, and Rockefeller Center. You’ll also walk by some of the most famous luxury flagship stores in the world, like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. You can even stop by the famous Tiffany & Co. for a signature tiffany blue box.

  1. Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom

Next on the list is London’s famous high street, Oxford Street. This spot in London’s West End is one of the busiest shopping destinations in Europe. Historically, this street has been the address of some of Britain’s most prestigious department stores, like Selfridges and John Lewis. Today there are a wide variety of high-end stores located here, including Chanel, Hugo Boss, and department store Marks & Spencer.

  1. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Another top destination for your next shopping spree is in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. When Dubai started emerging as a top tourist destination for the wealthy in the early 21st century, more spots for high-end shops began appearing. In 2005, the mall opened its doors to shoppers with stores like Burberry, Dior, and Giorgio Armani.

  1. Les Champs Elysees, Paris, France

The iconic boulevard in the center of Paris, Les Champs Elysees, has a long, storied history. Today, the boulevard is a busy epicenter of shopping for tourists and Parisians alike. There are plenty of top shops, restaurants, and sights along the avenue to keep anyone busy. You’ll be able to browse the flagship Louis Vuitton store here as well as check out luxury vehicles at the Mercedes-Benz gallery.

  1. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, USA

No region of the world is better known for luxury shopping than Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive is one of the most dreamed about shopping destinations. Here, you can experience the mild California weather in this open-air shopping experience. You can relive Julia Roberts’ shopping spree in the classic film, “Pretty Woman,” by visiting stores like Hermes, Ralph Lauren, and Cartier.

  1. Orchard Road, Singapore

For an afternoon of shopping in one of the world’s brightest Asian city-states, you’ll want to get to Singapore’s Orchard Road. This area started out as an orchard farm in the 19th century. Over the years, it was developed into a retail center. Now, it’s the place to go for incredible cuisine and amazing shopping destinations, featuring stores like Hugo Boss, Fendi, and Kate Spade.

  1. Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you want some South American shopping selection, go to the Recoleta district of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. Besides plenty of top designer brands, this area is also home to the city’s affluent population, with impressive mansions lining the streets. You can see some of the best and brightest in Argentina’s designer fashions with dozens of boutique stores available to shoppers.

  1. Via Montenapoleone, Milan, Italy

Milan is one of Europe’s leading centers of fashion, and its shopping reflects that. Fashion aficionados shouldn’t miss the well-known luxury retail spot of Via Montenapoleone. This area is packed with luxury hotels, sophisticated cafes, and fashions direct from the runways. Try browsing shops by Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, and Versace.

  1. The Shops at Crystals, Las Vegas, USA

While most people visit Las Vegas for its gambling and entertainment opportunities, there are plenty of shopping destinations experiences ready for you to use your new winnings from the nearby Steve Wynn Casino. Located along Las Vegas Boulevard, The Shops at Crystals offers visitors chic shopping spots, including Valentino, Tom Ford, and Dolce & Gabbana.

  1. Bloor Street, Toronto, Canada

Finally, if you’re craving some retail therapy up in Canada, try visiting Toronto’s fashionable Bloor Street. You can spend the afternoon walking up and down this road and browsing some of the most famous international brands, such as Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors, and Coach. In between shopping and strolling, you can experience Toronto’s history and culture by visiting some of the museums that are located in this area.
You can elevate your shopping experiences by visiting some of the best retail spots around the world. Find your favorite brands, or try a new, local variety of offerings in your favorite shops around the globe.

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