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10 Best Wedding Favour Ideas for 2020

by luxirare

Is your wedding planned to happen in 2020? Then you need to start planning because the sooner, the better. An unforgettable wedding means attention to details and consideration toward your guests. This means wedding favours that will remind everyone of your amazing event for very many years to come. We all know that weddings can get rather costly, so being able to shorten the budget somewhere is certainly welcome. Having said all this, here are 10 excellent and cheap wedding favour ideas for 2020.

  • Flower seeds

It is easy and cheap to surprise your wedding guests. Offer them flower seeds wrapped in personalised envelopes. The seeds can be planted in the garden or pots, beautifying the area and helping everyone remember your wedding. Here are more wedding favours under £1 to choose from.

  • Miniature lanterns

This is a great idea as it can help create a nice ambience in whatever room the lanterns are placed. They work with small candles and will last for years. And if you add a small message to each lantern, it will turn into a beautiful wedding favour. 

  • Small snack bag

Everyone enjoys a good snack now and then, so you can offer them as wedding favours. From macaroons to cookies, chocolate, and others, all you need to do is make sure they’re packed to match the event.

  • Prints with pressed flowers

A print with natural pressed flowers can easily turn into a decorative item if you frame it. So, if your wedding will take place in the spring or summer, this kind of wedding favours may be a very good idea. 

  • Mini pots with succulents

Succulent plants are very resistant and they look amazing. Not to mention that there’s a wide variety of plants to choose from. Offer a cute mini succulent pot as a wedding favour could be very much appreciated by your guests.

  • Honey jars

For this wedding favour, you can use the smallest jars you can find. The idea is to give guests something sweet to enjoy, together with a nice personalised recipient. 

  • Customised candles

No one can say no to a personalised candle. You can write down names and wedding date on the candle’s container and choose your preferred colour. Also, candles offered in small tin cans, with lids, are ideal gifts.

  • Personalised chocolate wraps

You can easily offer chocolate without spending too much. Buy your favourite chocolate in bulks and get some personalised wraps. Cut the chocolate into small, bite-size pieces, and wrap them in your own wraps. Clever, right?

  • Mini soap bars

You can easily find handmade soaps in large bars. The variety is high and they look great, so it is worth putting this option on the list. You just need to wrap them in something transparent and add a personalised label to each piece.

  • Perfumed lavender bags

Lavender bags continue to go strong in the wedding favours sector. They smell amazing and look adorable as well. Not to mention they keep moths away if placed in a closet. 

However, you can’t just get married without enjoying a hen party with your best girlfriends. So, to spice up things and make the party a real hit, you need several hen party games to enjoy. Here are a couple of affordable ideas:

  • A “Mr. and Mrs.” quiz

This is an easy way to generate laughter and check the bride’s to be knowledgeable about her future husband. If the party participants will have a rich imagination, things can get very amusing.

  • Pieces of advice for the future bride

You can play this game with pieces of plain paper, but you can also print special cards that can be filled in by the party guests. The pieces of advice can be funny or rather valuable, so it is worth giving this game a chance.

  • True or False

This is a traditional game, but it can still make things very interesting at a party, especially after a few glasses of prosecco and gin. Everybody should participate and ask imaginative questions, and no one will get bored for sure.

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