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  • The Birkin


    There are two “urban legends” that tell how this bag was born. What it certain and undeniable, still, is the fact that this bag bears the name of actress/singer Jane Birkin (English woman, who lives in France for decades already). The first legend, which appears to be told by Birkin herself to the fashion journalist […]

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  • Top Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing


    There’s nothing quite like that feeling of finding the ultimate piece of vintage clothing. You’ll feel a thrill of excitement as you realise that you’ve found something unique, utterly distinguished and that no-one else will be wearing. And finding and buying this type of clothing need not be hard. All you require is a little […]

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  • What happened with the 400 threshold?


    A classic moment from the Sex and the City TV show is when Carrie realizes that 400 dollars (the price she used to pay for a pair of Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo sandals) time 100 (the number of pair of shoes she had in her closet) give a total of 40,000 dollars, and not 4,000 […]

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  • How You’re Perceived Wearing These 12 Designer Brands


    I thought I’d share this slightly true/mainly amusing article that I came across. Let’s not take this too seriously, though. I own two Celine bags and a Prada and the description is on point. Haha    Coach “Wearing anything Coach, but especially a Coach wristlet, screams that you are from the suburbs.” “Someone who wears Coach […]

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  • Happy Birthday, Virgo girl!


    Just like the women that were born under the sign of Taurus, you are a classic as well! You are born under the sign of responsibility and generosity, two main characteristics that will help you daily attires with a relaxed and adequate air at all times. Virgos represent, as well, feminine purity and modesty. They […]

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  • 3 lighting tips that will transform your home


    If you’re eager to update your home but you don’t know where to start, you could begin by focusing your attention on your lighting. For tips on how to transform your home by simply adjusting your illuminations, keep reading.     Layer up It’s likely most of the rooms in your home have one central […]

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  • Makeup Tips for Your Wedding – The Do’s and Don’ts


    When getting dressed for that special day, you always want to look your very best. You want a fairy tale wedding and you want to be the princess. That is only understandable and you should be the belle of the ball, the fairy princess from your dreams come true. You’ve chosen the perfect venue, your […]

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  • The best tips to follow if you want to buy a car


    Next to a house, a car is on the second place as the most expensive purchase anyone could make. But, even so, we need cars because they make our life easier. Still, what can we do to get the car we need and be able to manage the financial load as well? Just take a […]

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  • Easy yoga stretches for travellers


    As a travel blogger, I am always on the move. Whether it’s going on a luxury trip to India or  travelling to some of the world’s most exotic destinations, it means a lot of my time is spent in a sedentary position; sitting down. Earlier this week, I came across this gorgeous infographic from Furniture […]

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  • 5 Ways to Travel in Style on a Private Plane


    Travelling on a private jet to go on holiday, a business trip or for any other purpose, is probably the most stylish way to get from one place to another. Still, it’s not just the mode of transportation that provides the element of class, there are many other factors involved. Whether you own your own […]